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  1. So to start with, I don't jog that often anymore and when I did jog. I'd always treadmill. Now I'm back to actual outdoor jogging in a forest preserver. I've been slowly scaling myself where I've plateaued at 4K. So today I decided to do 5K. That 5K turned into 6K, because I didn't realize how long a new leg of path went.

    To start out with, here are the good things I saw within my normal distance of 4K. 1 rabbit, then 2 cranes, then another rabbit. Happiness. Only white clouds in the sky.

    At around the 4K mark when I'd normally be done, that's when the rain started. White fluffy clouds pouring rain. No big deal. Then everything went dark and the storm hit. Then I start thinking where does one hide in the woods while carrying a cell phone, iPod and water bottle if there was lightning. Oh look lightning in the distance, but at least it was in the distance. The thunder would indicate the lightning was far away.

    Luckily the rain only lasted 10 minutes then it all went back to happy white clouds like those you'd find in Super Mario Bros. On my way back I even saw 3 rabbits where there was once only 1.

    Then it rained weirdos. A really husky fella out walking his 2 pit bulls. Its good that they're out for a walk, its healthy and uh... walking is healthy. So these 2 pitbull leashes take up the entire path because they want to poop on opposite sides of the path. Then one goes behind him, the other goes around him, before you know it the dude drops one of their leashes and suddenly the pitbull just runs at me. Sure this was a happy pitbull that just wants to lick your face and not bite your leg, but then the pitbull starts running back to the guy only the pitbull runs past the guy and keeps on running. This guy himself did not look like a runner. So I went and grabbed the leash for him. He didn't ask for the help but in the end he appreciated it and was very apologetic. My body just didn't feel like chasing after a fresh dog when I've already ran, but it worked out fine.

    After another few minutes, that's when I ran into the next weirdo, in a clump of 4 girls. This wall of teens just took up the whole path and then the one closest to me mutters 'Is it okay if I just stop him and go' then she gave some weird expressionless face right as I was walking up to them about to pass by. She was looking straight at me and while it was probably just a coincidental moment that she was telling some stupid story the whole 'stop him' made me feel I was just about to be blocked by someone that was going to harass me. Since she's walking side by side with them how could they see her expression, again, made me feel like it was me. So I just flipped up a hand and said hi and kept right on walking. She exploded with laughter and said oh my god. I'm sure the wave and hi were so unexpected that they'll be LOLing about it for the rest of the weekend. Some mega sweaty dude just says hi when you're in the middle of your story. >> edit >> I told one of my friends the story and he said replace the phrase 'stop him' with 'block him' and it makes sense.

    Once I got to the parking lot that's when I saw a black beatup pickup truck.... with bumper stickers. Gun bumper stickers. Pro gun bumper stickers. Why do I bring this up? Pro gun bumper stickers are fine .... on your bumper. This guy had them on his hood, his fenders, his doors, and tailgate. EVERYWHERE. Then the guy gets out of his truck and hands me his business card for a pro gun website. I thank him and walk away. Oddly enough this is the third vehicle in the area that is advertising pro guns with gun related services. I remember one at a Target that had a ghetto home made sign taped in his rear window saying 'Buy and learn to use your assault rifle before its made illegal.' Oh and come to think of it, I don't recall any bumper stickers on the actual bumper, but maybe I just didn't notice them.

    ... These are the people in the neighborhood.... in the neighborhood in the neighborhood. :-)

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    2. printz


      TL;DR. Is there a girl involved in that post, at least?

    3. 188DarkRevived


      Danarchy said:

      being in a forest during a thunderstorm

      ^ ... is the perfect setting for the enjoyment of soundtracks from the Heretic & Hexen games on a portable mp3 player. Assuming that you're carrying an umbrella or wearing a hood of some kind to protect yourself from being zapped by lightning.

    4. Krispy


      You'd actually need to be running around in a grounded Faraday cage for that to work.