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  1. Bare with me guys, this will cover some wild topics. My gf has told me I snore. What? First time I've heard that. Anyway, I pinpointed it. Whenever my left nostril is uh closed by a pillow, I snore.

    Whenever I jog. I really have difficulty breathing through my nose. So today I just decided to uh push on the left part of my nose to completely close the left nostril. Wow I could barely breathe. Then I closed the right nostril with the left one open. I could breathe really well through the left one.

    Then in my boredom, I researched breathing through one nostril. A lot of people do it, not sure if its true or not. I figured well I must breathe through my left nostril, since its the open one. Again, in my boredom I taped my good left nostril shut. Yeah stick with me here. I got really tired. I had trouble breathing and eventually I just fell asleep. Maybe that's a coincidence. Every so often I'd have to breathe through my mouth to compensate.

    Now tonight, I put my finger under my nose and just exhaled. The air only came out the right. So even though its the weaker nostril I'm breathing through the right one? Weird.

    Then I decided to tape closed the bad right one for 15 minutes. I didn't get tired, I didn't have trouble breathing and for the most part it felt like I was still exhaling on both sides and not just the right. Earlier, when I had taped closed the left side, it really didn't feel like I was exhaling out of the left.

    But now I take off the tape and check. I'm now breathing through my left side only. Exhaling via the good left side. That's so weird that just suddenly my nose decides to breathe out the other nostril!

    While I'm typing this, I decided to tape up the good left one again, that I've been breathing out of for the past hour. Just to see what happens. I really want to breathe through my mouth to compensate. After 10 more minutes I feel very tired after being very awake, but maybe that's just uh midnight happening. I find my breathes are deeper, like I need to suck in more O2 to compensate.

    Time to take the tape off. Well this experiment failed. I can't change it back and forth like I thought that I'd be able to. I'm still now mostly breathing out of the left nostril. Well this was interesting.

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    2. geo


      And now as of 2 hours ago I'm breathing out the left nostril. Very strange. I've been reading how the nostril you breathe through defines the person you are? Like breathing through your left nostril feeds the left side of your brain which controls whatever it does. I forget now what all that does. So maybe depending on the task at hand things will shift.

      Anyway, nope not fat. Still stuck at a 32 waist. Probably not the most in shape, but I can run 6 km in 45 minutes.

      A lot of snorers tend to be fat.... maybe people are fat because they can't breathe to do the exercise? That's probably not the reason, but just throwing it out there.

      >> edit and now 5 hours after waking up. I'm back to the right. So yeah, its a pattern.

    3. baronofheck82


      I closed my left nostril to see how I breathe through my right nostril. Everything was fine.
      I closed my right nostril to see how I breathe through my left nostril.
      Everything was fine.
      The moral of the story is: I win.

    4. Creaphis


      Same here. Nasally ambidextrous master race reporting in.