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  1. About a week ago my crew leader pinched my nipple. Just randomly. We were standing around and boom he pinched it. I just told him 'sexual harassment.' Then a week later, last Friday, after lunch he had a licorish in his mouth and he comes up to me and gets face to face with me trying to put the other half in my face. Later he found a sledge hammer, put it between his legs, came up to me and told me to touch his wood. I pretty much keep a stone face with all of this going on. I'm new, he's not. Later he calls for me to come help then as I'm going over to him, he just starts banging a table doggy style. Let's see... after that, he yelled for me again, I turned, there he is hanging from something having mock sex with a post.

    When he starts telling other people about how hilarious it is how stone face I am no matter what, he does the V gesture with his fingers and puts his tongue between the V. People have a laugh. I just stone face him and tell him sexual harassment.

    Eventually, something must've gotten him worried. He tells me he's not gay. Then later he tells me he had a shit day, so he's just having fun because I always stone face him.

    That's my story. I know guys will be guys, but no one else there acts like that at least to me. I don't want this to degenerate where he's pinching my ass and saying 'Dude I'm not gay.'

    I'll be quitting, because coincidentally as of yesterday, my previous job wants me back and they pay 3x more than this one does.

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    2. geo


      Captain Red said:

      Jesus Christ, Ignore the terrible advice in this thread and fucking report him for sexual harassment. You told him it was sexual harassment. You said it right to his face, that is far more generosity then he deserves. What? Are you worried about being a tattle tale? You have a right not to put up with this shit and he needs to learn that it's repugnant behavior.

      SERIOUSLY? Is this a British thing? Maybe there's a culture clash happening here that I'm missing because I'm an ignorant foreigner, but here we call that victim blaming. It's not a good thing to do. About the only part of this post that's true is the guy has problems. But there his problems, not Geo's problem.

      This thread is seriously making me sad and angry.

      Actually I'm sure the 'thicker skin and lift weights' thing was from a movie or a TV show.

      And yep its not my fault I'm being sexually harassed, he's a fucking weirdo in general. Makes random sounds. I think its the job getting to him. Doing the same thing for 8 hours straight. It always seems he gets weird after lunch.

      My final day of work there I got moved closer to him. Basically working with him 3 weeks I was as far away from him as possible. The goalie position finishing products and checking for errors.

      On my last day, he sent me running for water pretty often, due to the work load being so fucking constant with no downtime none of us really had time. He was very nice, probably knowing I could just piss in his water, but well yellow isn't clear. He never messed with me, but he was still a weird idiot after lunch. Maybe he gets weird and starts making sounds because he's pissed off at the slow people in our 5 man crew and he can't yell at them?

      Oh and whenever he'd yell out my name 'Geo' I always made sure to look the opposite direction, because on Friday when he yelled my name I'd look then he'd be fake screwing something. The second time I did it, he explained me whenever I been calling you today, you look the other day. I told him I wonder why that is?

      Anyway, its done now.

    3. Technician


      You should have alerted the supervisor of his actions immediately.

    4. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      DoomUK said:

      I'm not saying my way is the way. And maybe reporting behavior like this is looked on differently in the US, with no stigma attached to it, regardless of what kind of job it is.

      Australia actually, and are you sure that stigma exists? I mean, I work a job that doesn't attract a particularly progressive set of people (there is a pile of porno mags in the rec room that the staff flip through and holler about during breaks. ho-ray for fucking factory work.) but if someone was carrying on the way Geo described and I went to a superior about it, I can't imagine anyone would give a shit. It'd be between myself, the accused and HR. Everyone pretty much just wants to do their job.

      Although, It could be that I'm just a stand offish asshole who's pretty indifferent to the opinion of his co-workers so if there's any animosity I probably wouldn't notice or care unless it interfered with the job (but being harassed would also interfere with the job so fuck 'em).