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  1. To preface this, I drive a retired cop car from a different town. As I was driving through one town over, there was a county cop driving toward me. Then he did a U turn. That's never good, but I'm never doing anything bad. Then the county cop followed me for a little while. After that, we passed by an actual cop from the town we were in.

    That's when the county cop hit his lights and pulled me over. We went through the normal dance of insurance, registration, license. The cop from the town also pulled in.

    Nothing went down, the county cop just asked my age, how long I've lived where I live and when did I get the retired cop car.

    That's when he told me they're looking for a police imposter in town. He (they) let me go after 3 minutes of nothing.

    I'm not sure if they thought I was being an imposter or if there is really an imposter around there. My cop car has no lights or insignia on there. It was 2 pm and bright out, so the cop could probably see I had on a common blue shirt. Plus the cop cars are totally different colors.

    Eh oh well.

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    2. fraggle


      I was expecting a tale of police harassment but this actually sounds pretty reasonable.

    3. geo


      I've had another extremely positive pull overs from cops.

      The first was at night being pulled over for having 1 headlight. I used the word Sir so much you'd have thought he was a knight. He asked for insurance and I really really could not find it in my glove compartment. But my compartment was full of papers. He let me go without proof of insurance. Then when I got home I found my proof of insurance in my house. Totally where it doesn't belong.

      2 minutes earlier my girlfriend at the time with no license or learner's permit kept asking if she could drive and I could teach her. Well my getting pulled over was 2 minutes later. I would have been fucked.

    4. Coopersville