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  1. Let me preface by saying that I drive a retired police car.

    Last night I was driving around trying to find a costume shop in the dark (turns out it was closed since last year). I was on a 4 lane highway with 2 lanes going 2 lanes coming. I was at a stop light in the left lane, some woman pulled up next to me, got my attention and she yelled 'I think there's been some guy following me since I got off of work.' Then she realized, 'Oh are you a cop?' We laughed about it and I told her there's a police station a mile down the road on the right. She thanked me.

    The light turned green, she sped ahead of me and got in my lane. Sure enough a car followed her and went into her lane. Then eventually she turned left instead of staying on the road to get to the police station. The car followed her.

    Not sure what's going on there. Sadly I didn't follow. She didn't follow my instruction where there's a police station, so she must not have been too worried.

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    2. iori


      I'm betting a stripped crown vic

    3. SavageCorona


      I'm guessing you bought it from one of those dealers that sells old cars that they used to use in things like the force and the FBI for dirt cheap money.

    4. geo


      fraggle said:

      Any other amusing "I drive a retired police car" stories?

      What does the car look like? I assume it has the "POLICE" labelling removed?

      Nope, no labeling on the side, its just navy blue. Luckily I'm not that ghetto. I bought it from a municipal auction years ago.

      Here's another story that happened last week. Bright and sunny day out and I was stopped at a light. Someone hit me from behind. Huh? My bumper got a crack in it, her car was totally smashed in. It was hilarious just how much damage was done. She'll need a new front left fender, hood, bumper, grill, light. left door crumpled too. Funny thing is she was driving a 2013 KIA. Her almost brand new car is totaled compared to my little crack.

      So after she bumped my car, can't even say she crashed it, it was just a bump. She gets out. I get out. She starts yelling at me. Why was I backing up? Huh? Why would I ever back up on a road? Then I remembered, Oh never ever admit guilt, because it makes you look guilty. After she starts asking me that I figure, eh fuck it, I'm calling the cops. A cop came and he sorted it all out. I was released, she wasn't.

      The cop even commented how Crown Vics are tanks and nothing can hurt them. I'm sure its only mostly true.

      As for another amusing cop car stories...