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  1. Gentlemen, I am going bald. I am not bald, but I will be bald. My hair is skinny, not fat. My entire family has skinny hair. My family does not ever go grey, we just go bald. Sadly they say you get your hair from your mother's side of the family and my mother's mother was balding at 50.

    There are a few reasons someone can be bald. Genetics of course, but also inflammatory disease (ex: gingivitis and multiple sclerosis) can cause baldness. Basically, baldness is a side effect. Sweat can clog hair follicles and so on.

    So after doing some research, I'm going the vitamin route to fix things. What causes hair growth? What does the body need to make it? What am I not getting enough of? Like if you want to build a red barn out of legos. If you have a lot of red legos, you can make a big barn, but if you only have a few, then your barn won't be big.

    I've spent about $50 on vitamin A, B6, C, E, Iron, Biotine, Zinc and Omega 3 (for the why the hell not factor).

    At this point, it is only a proclamation that I am going to down these vitamins and see what happens in the next 30+ days. While this might not be some miracle cure for hair loss, it will probably result in better overall health. I'll let you all know how it goes, but is there any one among you crazy enough to try this experiment with me?

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    2. GreyGhost


      <note to self - get a haircut!>

      I'm starting to look like a mad scientist, but with better hair coverage.

    3. Maes


      Every gentleman worth his salt knows that the only thing that definitively prevents hair from falling any further, is the floor.

      As for vitamins or any other particular food acting as prevention -horseshit. I've seen starving, malnourished on-their-deathbed AIDS victims in Africa with perfect hair, so nutrition definitively ain't where it's at.

      It also seems to be more of a Caucasian thing -Asians and Amerindians don't seem all that affected by premature baldness, so it really might be a "rich white man's ailment". Now if you're white but not rich...well, tough luck. For blacks it seems like a mixed bag: I can't really tell if all or none are affected, their hair is to different to be directly compared.

      Empirically -or at least stereotypically- it also seems to be further selective among whites themselves - it affects "mediterranean" whites more than it does Slavs or Nordics, hence the endless caricatures of Arabs, Italians and Greeks being portrayed like moustached, unshaven, pot-bellied, balding Mario clones, preferably with hairy backs, almost simian (which leads to quite unfortunate implications, if you consider how e.g. chimps are fair-skinned under their relatively sparse hair, and how gorillas are blacker and hairier....)

    4. geo


      Zinc or Iron seem to cause headaches in the left side of my brain about 20 minutes after taking it. I've never really gotten any headaches, maybe once every 2 years. Now its pretty consistent, but only after I pill up.