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  1. Last night driving in the rain to my gf's house, I was stopped at a 4 way stop light. Something was behind my car. I wasn't sure if it was a dog or some sort of car jacker keeping low so I don't see him. Then it moved to the passenger side of my car, then adorably a dog flopped its big head onto my hood and looked at me. A loveable multi colored, dark mutt with a bulldogish face and a long snout and a sky blue collar.

    I questioned hmmm do I let this dog in and drive it somewhere that I don't know where to take it? The dog wandered away, but I kept my arm out of the door to point at the dog so people in rush hour knew that yep there's a dark dog at night on the road in the rain.

    I was right next to a trailer park and I assume, mutt, bigger dog, probably came from the trailer park. Then the dog was hit, I heard the bang and the dog yelp, but the dog was healthy enough to run away through a wooden fence into some warehouse / junkyard area.

    So then I pulled off and called the cops. Talked to the cops, some old lady starts walking to my car. I get out with the cops on the phone. The old lady hit the dog. Oye. So the cops ask me questions with her on the phone and the cops send someone out.

    Well after the call I notice oh I locked myself out in the rain. Nice. I keep talking with this elderly woman in the rain, then some other guy pulls over, I ask if he is looking for a dog. He says that he just hit the dog. So 2 vehicles hit this dog. I have a feeling that the guy that stopped hit the dog worse than the old woman. Like he hit it first and then the old woman brushed into the dog as the dog ran to the fence.

    The 2 others in the story explain why they can't stay. The guy has a basketball game he needs to coach and well the old lady just doesn't want to stick around. Shit to do. Luckily the rain let up for me.

    As the old woman was waddling to her car, she stepped in some muddy hole and fell straight into the turn lane of the road. If there had been cars pulling up, she would have been hit if not dead. Wouldn't that be irony, hit by a car 5 minutes after hitting a dog with your car. The woman literally couldn't get up. I helped her up, and she explained she just had her knee replaced and she can't put any weight on it. Well pulling this old woman up to her feet, I assure you she wasn't helping at all :-) But its okay. Hilariously her license plate had 911 as a slew of numbers.

    As I was waiting for the cop, I called someone with an extra key for me. She comes and drops off the key, but as I'm waiting I can hear the dog about every minute yelping from inside the junkyard. Well junkyard / gravel sales / warehouse or whatever. Key gets dropped off, hurray!

    Then 30 minutes into it, I see the cop with its lights on, so I wave to the cop and the cop turns and drives down the other way. Maybe he got another call. Well some woman stops her SUV, gets out, walks to me from the other side of the road, I ask if she's looking for a dog. Nope, she stopped because I waved at her. She asked if I needed a phone or whatever. Nope, I was waving at a cop. After I explain stuff from across the road, she hops in and leaves. I could still hear the dog once every minute or so sending out its distress call.

    That's when the cop shows up, he sits over with her for a while. Then he comes over to me. He came, because when I was on the phone with the cops I said that I locked myself out of the car. So he had come to slimjim my car. He said that if the dog was in bad shape he'd just shoot it. I told him that it had a collar, so it wasn't a stray.

    I told the cop about the situation and we went looking for the dog along the fenceline of this place following the yelps. He then said that he's gonna go through the front door of the place and not risk getting shot jumping the fence. The dog did run through some easy to get through wooden fence, but the rest of the property where the dog ended up was chain link fenced and pretty secure without being dangerously secure with bared wire or anything.

    He said to get in the car and follow him. So we drove to the front door of this place, which was shockingly far away. It was some dude's ghetto farm with a long driveway.

    The cop had me wait and he and the owner of the property went, found the dog, but didn't retrieve the dog. He told me that he would call animal control to retrieve the dog. The officer also explained that if they didn't get the dog out, it would probably bleed out overnight and die.

    So I've been worried overnight about this dog. The officer sent me on my way. Technically its not my job to wait, but I really should have. I've been worried over other things with the dog, such as the dog is injured, what happens if the actual owner lives in a trailer park and has no money for the repair bill.

    Now that its morning, I called the sheriff's office and they told me to call the warden to find out what happened. Now I'm just waiting for the warden to return my call to see if the dog was retrieved, if its safe, if it was returned to the owner. Questions and concerns.

    1. Olympus


      I am a terrible person if I found certain parts of this story hilarious?

    2. geo


      No you aren't. To be honest there are a lot of hilarious parts. Like the old woman falling into the turning lane is hilarious irony. Plus locking my keys in my car in the rain. A lady stopping because I waved at a cop. Also, I kinda try to tell every story like its funny.

      The animal warden returned my call and told me he was never called. So I'm wondering if the cop sent me on my way and shot the dog ORRRRRR if the police just called the animal owner, because it did have dog tags. The warden told me to call the sheriff's office again and ask them.

    3. Megalyth


      Wacky hijinks. Sad about the dog though. :(