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  1. My family has pretty much dispersed with everyone getting married, engaged, divorced or so on. So my aunt now spends Christmas with her best friend that is like a sister. I've been over to that woman's house maybe 4 years and she's been over to my aunt's Christmases for 15+ years.

    The woman has a niece that is just a hilarious mess. She's 25, has 2 kids and is completely toxic to anyone around her. I'm sure we all know someone like her. She was running 3 hours late to the party, which sometimes.... shit happens. Well she calls her parents. I'm hanging out with her dad, he's giving her directions, then we all laugh saying she's been coming to that house 25 years of her life, several times a year and a mere 20+ minutes away and still needs directions on a sunny day from a house that she's lived in her entire life.

    She lives with her parents and 3+ siblings with her 2 kids. She got there 3 hours late. She was asked why she was late when everyone else got there on time? She had to get the kids ready. Which then her father turned and said her mother got the kids ready 3 hours ago, it took 3 hours to get her hair done and put on her makeup.

    This girl looks like a skinny crack ho with implants. She was wearing some shoulder-less dress to a family function with no bra or coat on and it was cold. It was cold in doors too. While its nice to look at, its inappropriate. She had fingerless gloves though, which was weird.

    Anyway, her kids are just terrible, they run a muck, she tells her parents to take the kids, she's gonna go downstairs and get a nap. Her parents say she works 3rd shift. She's a doctor now. I've known some stupid doctors, but I really don't think she's a doctor. She says she's had 3 hours of sleep in the past 4 days. I think she's exaggerating... because I still disbelieve she's an actual doctor.

    She seems just vacant and slow minded. I remember one Christmas she was busy writing Christmas cards to family members that were trying to leave. Like she should have had Christmas cards done before the function or even during the function, not when they're trying to leave. She took so much time doing those Christmas cards that one year that people just left. Eventually someone took a look at the Christmas cards, and she had novels in each one. Not just novels, but she had messed up writing a statement, so she crossed them out and restarted.... with every card.

    The girl couldn't get a nap so she was upstairs talking with the family about how tough it is being a mom. Well her dad was in the bathroom, her mom was downstairs with one of the kids and as she's explaining how tough it is being a mom, her son comes up and just lifts the christmas tree stand and dumps it completely over. WTF? He just quickly did it. So everyone ran to see if the kid was okay and she literally keeps talking without acknowledging that there was a giant sound made. She just went on like nothing happened. Later on people were talking about it and she had no idea, she thought people were joking about it. It was so loud people from all floors to see what happened.

    When she's talking to everyone she's scratching her arm. When she pulls up her sleeve there are needle track marks or whatever they're called. Shoulderless dresses can still have sleeves. Still pretty fresh, no band aide. When she left the room I asked about the needle mark, her mom jumped in to say she trains nurses how to properly set IVs. I think the mother is an enabler. Her aunt, who is my aunt's friend hosting the party walked by and rolled her eyes, then she and I silently had a laugh together. Yeah she's a doctor that trains nurses to do IVs.

    Oh it gets better, at some point she took off one of her fingerless gloves to itch. Between her fingers... little bloody dots. Holy fuck! Maybe between her fingers was just so chapped it was bleeding? But that would explain why she was wearing gloves indoors.

    After only an hour there, she said she was gonna go home and take a nap since she's only had 3 hours of sleep. People were concerned with her driving even 20 minutes away if she's that tired. There's just one catch. Her boyfriend was driving from 2 hours away. No one has ever met him. He's never been there, driving from 2 hours in the snow. She says she'll call him and tell him to turn around.

    She goes out to warm up the car that she just came up in 1 hour earlier. She warms up the car for 30 minutes, while texting or doing whatever. I look outside and the ditz has the fucking windows open. Yep warming up the car with the windows open. Then she leaves without saying goodbye to anyone. AND leaves her kids there, without saying goodbye. She told people she was warming up her car, but didn't say bye at that time. Then I realized oh she's probably just going back to her parents house to be alone with her bf from 2 hours away while everyone in the house is gone.

    30 minutes later. The boyfriend arrives. She never called him, he drove 2 hours only for her to not be there. Fucking hilarious. Everyone was so dumfounded. He didn't leave, he hung out with us. How long have they been dating? 2 weeks. How many times have they physically seen one another? 2 times. How did he meet her? Craigslist. I lost my shit when I heard that. Like I silently laughed so hard that I fell over behind the counter. Made me think... Craigslist hooker.

    In my mind its all just hilarious. The enabling mother, the father that has been on the road truck driving all her life, perfect breeding ground for an idiot. Maybe she really is just a doctor working third shift that is so tired, she's oblivious to everything, but she's always been so oblivious and a bad mother.

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    2. geo


      Dragonsbrethren said:

      You're just jealous of your aunt's friend's successful doctor niece.

      :-( yes

    3. AndrewB


      Sounds like that whole family could DIAF and it would be cause for celebration.

    4. Hellbent


      Next year you could set up hidden cameras and mics in the common areas to document the madness.