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  1. Staying at a hotel, not just a hotel, but a hotel that eats other hotels. Its consuming a vacation town, buying up neighboring hotels. Painting them white and blue so you know you're driving by the hotel for miles. 1,400 rooms.

    Its the off season, there's no one in town that is normally packed in the summer.

    When I arrive, the desk clerk tells me that I'll be staying in a different hotel since they own 5 - 9 hotels. He tells me I'll need to drive back and forth. I tell him no problem.

    He says with an upgrade, I don't have to drive. I tell him driving is no problem. He asks would I like to know how much the upgrade costs? Nope. Don't give a fuck.

    After that spiel. He tells me hold on a second, he needs to speak with his manager. When he comes back, I receive a free upgrade! Oh yay. I just go up 1 floor turn left and bam there I am. No drive or anything. They did however sidegrade me from a king to a double queen.

    It seems to me trying to sell me an upgrade and warning me 'you'll need to drive back and forth between hotels' is quite the scam. It would probably cost them more money to operate the 9 hotels and not just the 1 main hotel in the off season.