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  1. I've pretty much worked for the same company for 15 years. I take side jobs here and there. The side jobs usually last 2 - 3 months. Once upon a time, I worked for a cock of a boss. On a business level I didn't like him, but then after phase 1 of a project was done, we had a company celebration! A night out! Where people brought their wives, girlfriends and fiances.

    This fucker of a boss did nothing but harass the employees. When one of the employees went to the bathroom he tried digging up dirt on that employee. He was some emo kid in college that did graphic design, with a gorgeous vet of a fiance. So he harassed the guy asking how did you two meet? Did you find him in your bushes stalking you? Just relentless against this kid.

    At dinner, which was pizza at a restaurant, he said something like we have a lot of girls here I bet we can get a free pitcher of beer if one of the girls flashes him. There weren't female employees, these were the wives, co workers, and girlfriends.

    After that weekend, which coincidentally I think was 6 years ago to this month. I quit. I didn't need the extra work, especially when I thought it would be a week's worth of work, that turned into 3 months of hell. At least he gave a bonus.

    He wanted to sue me for the code to his program that he had me developing. We never agreed on the code, just the program. In fact the contract only specifies the program not the sourcecode.

    Turns out I was the 3rd guy... the other 2 guys had left with the sourcecode after he was a dick and they all bailed with the code and leaving money behind.

    Anyway, I gave up the code, but the hilarity is I spent the weekend redoing the code.... in a previous language from 5 years earlier, thus making him have to redo the code again or upgrade it.

    This fucker 4 years ago dissolved that company and started a new company that does the exact same thing. Why? Because the employees own shares of the first dissolved company. I let that slide, I didn't give a fuck. They never paid out and it was probably never profitable.

    It looks like the new company went out of business too. Further proof is that the company domain name points to the college where he instructs.

    Now I visit the website and it sends me to a 'college' where he is an instructor. A college about running a successful business. Fucking hilarious.

    I am tempted just to show up and tell my past experiences to classmates dealing with him.

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    2. Bucket


      AndrewB said:

      Which is it? Is he "making off" with cash and assets, or is he going bankrupt?

      CTRL+F "bankrupt"
      CTRL+F "welfare"
      Are you posting in the wrong thread or something?

      Still waiting for your explanation why the welfare system keeps him in business.

      A failed business implies the opposite: He INVESTED cash and assets into the company, and ended up losing it. If anything, his employees are the ones who "made off". And that's the upside of being a "lowly" employee. You get to keep most/all your wages and walk away unscathed when the business fails.

      Thank you for illustrating the Libertarian's uncanny ability to pontificate on what could be while remaining eternally ignorant on what is. Everyone who has owned more than one business, raise their hand.

      My guess is that you barely understand what happened at all. You're just so pissed off at how your life turned out that you've dedicated the remainder of your existence to some holy war against anyone and everyone who might be willing to hire you.

      Like I said, it's an educated guess - as in, life experience which resonates with typical circumstances for lots of people - which is more than you can say. Your appeal to emotion is pointless and sad. You are out of your depth here. Just walk away from the thread, and apologize to the webmasters for wasting their precious hard drive space with your prattle.

    3. Acid


      Coopersville said:

      Gordon Ramsay?

      'cept one actually has credentials.

    4. Cupboard


      You should totally visit this guy's office hours and have a face to face chat in order to ascertain his esteem. Threaten to disseminate the truth about his practices among his students if the conversation turns sour.