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  1. Looks like I'll be doing a 2nd tour of duty! Coincidentally right after Turbo Tax told me my tax return was rejected.

    Anyway, my first jury duty was fucking awesome.

    Why? The case... but I'm probably not allowed to talk about that, but more than the case, it was everything around the case.

    Hanging out with the herd of people called down to the courthouse. There was 1 woman that didn't speak English, so she had her translator there. They wouldn't let her translator stay and was sent away. I'm not sure if it was a ploy to get her out of jury duty.

    Then getting called into an actual case, I heard some of the most amazing stories from potential jurors and the jurors themselves. The interviewed us right there front and center in front of everyone, even though we had the choice to be privately interviewed.

    Some of the stories:

    One woman's father had gone to prison. Why? Her father murdered a man.
    Judge asked if she felt he was guilty. She said well... the guy owed my dad money and my dad went over to his house with a hammer and only my dad walked out of that garage. WTF? holy shit. She wasn't selected for a juror.

    Then potential juror #2, some sort of mafia princess. Her grandfather, father, uncle, and brother all went to prison for money laundering and organized crime. Holy shit. Both these people were right next to me.

    One of the potential jurors said he didn't want to do it, he didn't want to be there, he'll just vote guilty no matter what and fuck up the system.

    One woman was grilled and asked a lot of personal questions about her kids, their ages, their genders. She eventually had to stop them and ask why they're asking all of this. Well they can't tell her why, since she's only a potential juror.

    When they finally came to me they asked a whole 2 questions. How do you pronounce your company's name. What do you do there? Then the judge made a joke how quick we got through the interview and not everyone will take 5 minutes.

    I was the first juror actually selected and I was the 6th potential. At some point, the judge called the 2 attorneys over and I heard them talking. The judge said something like, you can't keep rejecting people.

    On our jury was an interesting cast of characters, a sheriff's deputy that said we were lucky, because they were about to start selecting a jury for a double murder some man killed his neighbor's 2 little girls. Not just killed them, but had setup their bodies in a bathtub to make it look like they were double suiciding.

    We also had a teen straight from China. He had only been a citizen 3 weeks. He said back in China, they bulldozed his family's house to make room for a road. They gave them 1 day's notice to get out even if the bulldozer wasn't coming. They weren't paid for their house. Then his father said fuck this country and left.

    Then there was the Zamboni driver... Some how some way we had one of the most unique jobs ever on our jury. He said he got his job because he had gotten fired from his last job and as a laugh he applied for Zamboni driver and totally written out a fake answer application. Like name = Rainbow Bright. Why do you want to drive a Zamboni? Because on his father's death bed he said, son, become a race car driver and well driving a Zamboni is where he'll start his racing career. So he said they hired him, because they'd rather have a funny guy.

    Finally, we had the former Amish man, who was selected as our jury foreman. I'm happy he was, because he wasn't a pushover. He told us his dad had kidnapped him when he was little to go live a normal life away from the Amish world. He thought that he was learning to be a traveling salesman from his dad. Eventually his dad told him the truth that he was kidnapped.

    All interesting stories and I can't wait to do it again!

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    2. geo


      The jury pool was rowdy today. They sent us home 1 or so hours into it. The little old lady came out and apologized the 1 trial that needed a jury decided to have a judge instead. After her brief speech, I said thanks. See instead of us being there longer, we didn't have to. Meanwhile the 150 people there were pissed about the waste of time. What the fuck are the complaining about? We get to go home. Sorry we couldn't all sit in a room the entire day.

      I'm pretty sure there's only been 1 trial that actually called for a jury. They're still there.

      Nothing interesting happened today other than the excessively long line at the metal detectors. Also I was flagged to get wanded. I got wanded maybe 30 feet away from the metal detector. The metal detector guy trusted me enough to tell the wand guy 30 feet away that I should get wanded. The wand guy wanded everything except for my over shirt I was holding in my hand.

      I find it interesting so many people wear suits. Men and women. You're not at work, why should you trouble yourself with a suit? Do you want to look upscale to get on a jury? Why does one want to get on a jury?

      Anyway, jury duty for me is now over for the week.

    3. Philnemba


      Back in early 09 I got got called for jury duty and waited in room with 50+ people from 10 in the morning til 4 in the afternoon and ended up not getting pick...well least I had my PSP with me playing some good old Symphony of the Night & Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core to pass the time to prevent boredom :P

    4. geo


      The hilarity keeps coming. I received a check for $11 on my 5/14 jury duty service. I also received another piece of mail saying that I failed to report for jury duty on 5/14. Hilarious.

      Not only did I report, but I'm the guy that said 'Thank You' when we were all told that we could go home early, while everyone else was saying 'waste of my fucking time.'

      Doesn't the burden of proof fall on them to prove that I wasn't there?

      Plus where's the check for my other days? Ah well. Its not about the money.

      Anyway, it was easily fixed. I just called them and said 'I was there.' Yep, that's all it took.