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  1. Yesterday met my truck driving uncle at a truck stop. The truckstop looked on par with a chain restaurant. It even had a salad bar, because truckers eat healthy...

    We had breakfast. The pancakes I was given were burnt, but not black, just near black. So I cut into them and they were raw in the middle. I sent them back. My uncle and I laughed saying there are 2 people in the back that thought those pancakes were okay to serve to someone and expect money in return. The cook and the waitress.

    If I remember correctly, black on the outside, raw in the middle means the pan is too hot.

    I was given new pancakes and I finished them. Only after I finished them did I notice the giant hair underneath of the last piece. It was coiled in a small ball as if someone intentionally put it there as revenge. Fucking hilarious.

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    2. Cupboard


      If you ever want to buy/sell drugs, linger around a popular truck stop location and see what happens/who you meet. The more you know. The staff are most likely in-the-know and the manager turns a blind eye as long as you don't make an ass of yourself.

    3. Grazza


      It's probably a good job you didn't inspect the syrup more closely too. Or the whipped cream.

      A few months back I had a meal at what felt like a truck stop (even if technically it may not have been - they had a seating area set aside for "truckers only"; I'm not sure for whose benefit that was). It was at that "What state is this? Which time zone are we in?" phase of the journey, but I was surprised to find a remarkably large and well-stocked salad bar. That said, it wasn't very close to the truckers-only area.

    4. geo


      baronofheck82 said:

      Time to call in Gordon Ramsay :P

      I've had 2 restaurants like that. One was a Yacht Club (gf's rich family) and I could hear the expediter yelling at the staff. The other was a gourmet burger place that I reviewed on Yelp. $15 burger $22 tuna burger:

      >> Here's the Yelp Review:

      Waited 10+ minutes for a waiter when there were waiters everywhere just watching people. One waiter was nice enough to notice that no one has waited on us yet. Overcooked a raw tuna burger. No pickles, yet its a burger place. Burger didn't come the way that I ordered, but they fixed it as you'd expect. The food came out fast, but rare burgers should be pretty quick to make.

      The decor looks great, and upscale, but I've had better burgers even if this place brags about USDA quality meat.

      It is weird having the waiters just staring at you from the walls. The place seemed overstaffed for the lack of patrons.

      >> Here's the response from the manager:

      Good morning Geo!

      My name is Brad *****, and I'm an official representative of ******'s Prime Burger House. I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for your review. We take every Yelp review very seriously, and use every bit of feedback to constantly improve our guests' dining experiences.

      I was concerned to read about the issues you had with your visit, mainly the accuracy of your order and the amount of on-the-floor staff. We hold ourselves to a very high standard of food quality, and while compliments do outnumber complaints, every dish that does not come out as perfect falls short of those expectations. I have printed out your review and will be sharing it with the food preparation staff during their weekly staff meeting, using it as an opportunity to review our quality standards.

      In regards to our staff, when we opened ***** Prime Burger House, we brought in a number of individuals that embodied the attitude and skills we look for, even if they didn't have service industry experience. As such, we purposefully overstaffed our restaurant to ensure everyone received some floor experience without being given a large section to themselves. Since that time, we've been drawing down the number of servers and bussers on the floor. We do have a couple more than necessary, as some individuals still need a little more experience, but we cannot grant them that at the expense of our guests' comfort. In response to your dining experience, I will be meeting with our staffing manager this week to see if we can't reduce our numbers to standard levels. I will also speak with the managers about assigning different tasks to on-the-floor staff to eliminate the issue you brought up.

      Again, allow me to thank you for taking the time to review our restaurant. If I can be of any further help, please feel free to respond to this message with any question or comments. I can also be reached through my personal email - brad@*******

      Have a great day!”

      >> My response:

      Hello there Brad,

      Often, people will not complain to a server's face or take the time to write a review. They just won't return. I do compliment our waiter in taking the initiative to notice that we had no waiter.

      He didn't accurately take my order when I said only pickles, mustard and lettuce. It came out with mayo and ketchup. He told me there were no pickles which I still find very odd, but maybe that's just my taste. The manager did come out and replace everything and replaced the tuna burger.

      I literally always order those specific 3 things to see if a restaurant is paying attention.

      Another thing that I thought was odd was the waiter said that the chef recommended my **** burger be medium rare. It is okay to hear a chef recommendation, I've just never heard a waiter recommend how a burger be prepared and for the tuna burger I didn't hear 'chef recommends...'

      Thanks for writing. Sorry to be a pain,

      >> His response:

      “Hello again geo!

      Thank you so much for the speedy reply! I love when I can interact with our guests. And you're not being a pain at all. If anything, you're taking the time out of your day to provide us with very helpful information, so I'd consider that the exact opposite of a pain =)

      I'm the same way when I go to a restaurant; I tend to order the same dishes if they have them on the menu. Pickles are something we don't have requested often, but we do get them from time to time. I'll definitely meet with the supply manager and see what we may be able to do about this. If nothing else, the order should have still come out accurate, so I will host a touch-up session with the staff regarding order accuracy and timeliness.

      Our chef does tend to recommend medium rare a lot for the burgers, but it has to do with the beef we use for our sandwiches more than anything else. The flavor of USDA-Prime beef is stronger the rarer the beef is (which is why steak houses tend to suggest medium rare when ordering an expensive cut), but I can see how it'd be odd to hear a recommendation for one sandwich and not the other. I'll take a moment this week to interview our chef regarding our menu, get his recommendations for every sandwich on the menu, and share the info with the servers.

      Thanks again for all of your help, geo! Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.”

      >> What I never told Brad was my family are all farmers, I've had USDA beef before and to be honest you can always taste bad beef, but you can never taste good beef. Unless its Angus. His burgers didn't taste better than a Red Robin burger next door.