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  1. My gf was driving us home after seeing Godzilla. We were on the main road before her street. There's a place that its always a stoplight. Blank and blank. So I pointed out, she'll get a stoplight. Then she said look at that guy, he knows he'll get a ticket. He went speeding by us. I checked her speed and it was 35. There's a digital display that says 35 in big blue numbers. She said doesn't he know that cops watch this road all the time?

    Well a cop started following us. Really close. I had a feeling we were getting pulled over. Sure enough, yep pulled over.

    My girlfriend starts spazing out and on a 4 lane road with a center turn lane, my spaz of a girlfriend decides to pull over... in the turn lane at the middle of the road. Hilarious. Inside I was laughing. She throws a fit as most people would.

    After a few minutes, the cop comes to her car and angrily explains that when she got her license that's an agreement with any emergency vehicle you pull over to the side of the road. The cop asked if she knew why she's being pulled over. Nope. For speeding, 48 mph in a 35 mph zone.

    Ha that's a fucking joke. Then the cop pointed out we were the only car on the road, which I know is a lie, because its an extremely busy road even at 9 pm at night. Normally its backed up in rush hour, but 9 at night there are always cars since its coming off a major tollway. The cop takes the license and insurance, but not registration. What? Eh oh well.

    When the cop comes back, the cop explained that she will let us go. My girlfriend asked what road, where? Remember how I mentioned blank and blank? That's where it was. The cop continued that the radar gun zooms in on the fastest car and takes a picture of their license plate. We were the only car on the road. The cop also mentioned they radar guns are tested before each shift. Then the officer added pulling over in the center of the road is another ticketable offense.

    I knew the cop didn't have shit. Plus the whole zooms in and takes a picture of the plate is flawed. A photo isn't proof. It could have malfunctioned. I'd want to see a video of the crime and then see it zoom in. The burden of proof is on them. The dash cam is better proof, but the dash cam might not be pointed where the radar is aimed.

    In Chicago there have been red light cams that take pics of parked cars and mail them tickets when a speeding car blows a red light.

    The cop's name tag read 'J. Morton' and my girlfriend mentioned that 'J. Morton' is her aunt.

    Anyway, the cop said since my girlfriend has no priors, we were allowed to go. The cop knew she didn't have a case. The officer was polite, and nice, but rightfully stern when explaining why we should have pulled over to the side of the road. Its just unsafe in the middle, plus as she pointed out, we become a hazard.

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    2. Coopersville


      Bored police stories are cool.

    3. geo


      Coopersville said:

      Bored police stories are cool.

      Yeah, sadly, all's well that ends well. I laughed at the middle of the road stop.

    4. AndrewB


      Speeding tickets rely on the honor system. If you say "I'm sorry, I guess I was going a little fast," you're screwed.

      If you don't confess to anything, you'll almost invariably get a warning. If they decide to give you a ticket anyway, and you challenge it in court, it will be thrown out every time.

      It's basically a tax on the ignorant.