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  1. Not sure if this should go in the Everything Else forum or this blog forum.

    After someone posted his CEO was fired, I derailed things by mentioning Walmart, so rather than posting more Walmart stuff there, I'll post here:

    I was sent to Walmart recently... same 2 lines open. The 20 items or less and the lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng line. Person in front of me was getting chips and 2 other things. Gave a coupon. Wrong bag of chips for the coupon. So she wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwalked and found the chips then came back fucking 5 minutes later. I asked the clerk, can I check out? No the girl also had more than chips and its already processed. So I told the clerk, the fuck I can't, other clerks have done that for me. Oh but this clerk says she's new, so she called for help.

    Help comes. Then the girl comes back WITH MORE THAN CHIPS. Tries using her coupon. Oh its expired. She complains, then a manager is called. Manager comes and says look you do this all the time these expired coupons. You've done it so much I know your name. We're not taking this expired coupon.

    She turns to me and asks me for money to make up the difference. wtf?

    The guy behind me was angry and say you better get out of here lady, no one is buying you chips. The manager just shook his head and walked away.

    Chips were not bought.

    Oddly enough this isn't the first time I've seen someone's expired coupon get rejected at this Walmart.

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    2. myk


      geo said:
      She turns to me and asks me for money to make up the difference. wtf?

      The guy behind me was angry and say you better get out of here lady, no one is buying you chips. The manager just shook his head and walked away.

      Chips were not bought.

      What a bunch of jerks.

      What I found intriguing about Walmart here is that it's the only supermarket chain where I felt the customers tended to be prone to infighting. I only went there a few times, mostly because there's a bill payment booth there. I think it may be due to the do-it-yourself product code readers that throw a burden on customers and give an air of corporate indifference, and that it attracts both middle class and lower class people from nearby areas.

    3. geo


      Well I'm back with 2 new stories that involve Walmart, its parking lot, vehicles and children. But here's an appetizer. I was boxed in between two vans, and I was lucky enough to have a 'pull through situation' when I first parked. So I was facing out, while others were facing in.

      Then some guy comes running, so I stop. He then lifts up what looked like kid that must have been crawling in front of my car for me to not see him. Well that could have ended awful.


      See, I tried to gauge which story was worse, this or the next one. I was walking to Walmart, the busy Walmart, the one with two parking lots (due to an out of business Sam's club) and yet they're both still full.

      Toward the front of the store where I was walking, there was one empty parking spot. There were two people that spotted the spot. One person had a straight shot into the spot. Let's say she was facing west for a west spot. The other person was facing the east for the same western spot. This person arrived at the double stop sign last, but didn't have to cross a path.

      So not having the right of way, this person barreled their SUV did a massive U turn to beat out the other person with the right of way. Then I hear a screech and a kid crying.

      Then I turned around, there's some what looked to be 7 year old kid on his face in the parking lot along with his older sister or mom. I don't know if the woman actually hit the kid or if he fell over into the parking lot. Either way, the woman just backed right up and out of the spot and drove away.

      I have a feeling that the person just didn't see the kid there trying to beat out the other person or the kid didn't see her coming. The kid seemed okay, he didn't speak English so I didn't hear if the car actually hit him or not.


      My girlfriend and I left her Walmart, we had to put something into her GPS. Eventually we were hit by something. Nothing in front of us, nothing to the side of us, then out the rear view mirriro there's a fat kid sitting on her trunk. wtf?

      As a reflex I just opened the door and yelled 'off the car!' The fucker ran away.

      But the fact that it was a single impact and not a bounce, leads me to believe he got some kind of running start and jumped onto her car butt first. Her car is pretty new, its a 2013. I was pissed. It doesn't stand out as a valuable car to go jump and sit on intentionally, so I think its just some random act. Maybe since we were in the car he thought he'd fuck with us.

    4. FireFish


      By reading all the posts here that wallmart seems to be realy open to all people, or just plain odd.
      At best it reminds me of 'that store' where only the 'lower to midle class' go to do their shopping
      in the eyes of the rich and pretentious.

      Or maybe i am just missing some insight into this entire wallmart ordeal. As far as i know the ugly people,
      beutiful people, smart people, dumb people, sexy people, or anybody capable just shops where they can in
      any of the big name stores, or they pay a lot more and go to the smaller ones.