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  1. Time to go to the dentist. Last time I was at the dentist, they told me they were scaling back his hours and I should call back after 2 months to make a new appointment for the checkup. Since he's closed for the weekend like other dentists, I thought I'd post here.

    After having random pain maybe 5x a day in that region, I did some investigation and I think that I have a cracked tooth. An oddly cracked tooth.

    The injured tooth is a 2nd bicuspid. Let me draw a picture. top of teeth looking down:

    Notice how the cracks don't go completely through the tooth. One of the cracks isn't even on the end.

    These lines are black and none of my teeth have black lines that look like cracks. From looking at google images of cracked teeth, they're all split or subtle and not black lines. Maybe this means the white enamel has cracked and broken and the teeth are black underneath?

    I can't think of what could have caused the crack recently other than last week was the first time in 20 years I ate ice. That could do it, but I probably would have noticed a week ago and not now.

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    2. Cupboard


      Boom. Good luck with your meals.

      Hydrocodone (vicodin)
      Oxycodone (percocet)

      I guarantee you, ladies and gentleman, for anyone with tooth pain, the insurance companies of the United States will cover a multitude of opioid prescriptions. And they say there is a war on drugs.

    3. geo


      As I've pointed out in my other dentist thread, I'm not sure how they make money. 2 free checkups and cleanings per year. Each costs $70 without insurance and the insurance costs $110.

      This recent visit cost me $30, which I'm fine with, but I expect a big expense there somewhere. The form says without insurance I'd be charged $100.

      I guess they did take an X-ray. Just one. Its itemized somewhere.

      Again still better than the one office that gave me a 20 page periodontal fear packet and wouldn't tell me if I had it or not and then set me up for a $2,000 3 appointment process to remove it. Because, fuck the customer.

    4. geo


      To give this blog some closure, I saw the professional on Monday. I have a surface crack. She explained like fine china will have a crack, but it won't affect the strength.

      She did a lot of tests. Pick depth test, cold test, air test. It cost $10 more than the normal dentist.

      She also still warned me of a temporary crown without a root canal. Then I heard her with her next appointment. That girl needs a root canal.