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  1. Someone else's ditched after 4 dates story reminded me of my own story from 8 years ago. Rather than derail his thread, I'm posting my own.

    8 years ago, I dated a woman for 10 days and I think we had 8 dates. Maybe it was 6 dates over 8 days. I met her friends, she met mine, really quick. We went to movies, bowling, mini golfing, dinners, a night cruise to see fireworks, and so on. I took her to parties, she took me to foggy beaches at midnight. She panicked in the darkness of walking through the woods. I panicked when she took me on a giant Ferris wheel and I had an issue with heights back then. I calmed her, she calmed me. I met her daughter.

    Then before the ninth date, she randomly she said she was sick. I was directly outside of her house in the driveway to pick her up. She didn't care. Usually sick = I've lost interest. I tried talking to her the next four days.

    She never talked to me ever again. I was really shocked. To help me get over it and not harass her, I deleted her number off my phone.

    2 years later, I had a date with someone that said she felt like she knew me or had met me someplace else. It was a one date sort of thing. It was a dull date. Two guys tried hitting on her. She was a stripper. Two weeks later, she sent me a text, she knew why I felt so familiar. Its because her cousin dated me for a week.

    Once she told me who the cousin was, I asked why the cousin never talked to me again. She explained that the cousin liked me way too much and it made her ex / baby daddy angry. Why does that matter? He's a loan shark that threatened to start fucking with my life, so she opted to not have me in her life to spare me the drama.

    The date told me the cousin only dated me for a week but still talked about me up to 2 years later. She said that the cousin said I was a vacation from life's drama. I guess at the time of dating her, she did mention how rich her ex was and she got caught up in the money and didn't realize what a horrible person he was. A lot of people emphasize how awful exes were. I assume it was one of those things.

    She wanted to give me her cousin's number saying 'you two should give it another shot, her ex is in prison now, because she testified against him for having someone murdered.' Nah, two years had gone by. I'd rather have a fantastic memory of 10 days than risk anything going wrong. Plus she could have just been fucking with me, but she knew a lot of details.

    Now that its 8 years later, I saw her in line with her now adult kid waiting for a haunted house. It looked as if she had gained 100 lbs. If not more. It was like her face and hair were exactly the same, just with a really overweight body. Her accent really sticks out from the typical Chicago accent to really confirm its her without asking. Her kid looked the same, even now as an adult. Another way to confirm its her without asking.

    1. 40oz


      So what did you do?? The storys not over! :)

    2. fraggle


      geo said:

      The date told me the cousin only dated me for a week but still talked about me up to 2 years later.

      I think you did the right thing, but still, this one sentence is really sad :(

    3. geo


      Oh I did nothing. End of story.

      Those 10 days were really interesting. She gently eased me into her life. The first date I noticed she had a car seat in her car. The second date she told me she had an 11 year old. The third date she told me she had a 3 year old. The fourth date she told me she had been married.

      At the time I felt bad that she was spending 100% of her free time with me and not with her kids. As the years have gone on, I realize, she's not the only mother that does that.

      She would quiz me about random things. Half of the things would be to see if I remember what she told me. Like when we first met as she was saying goodbye from a party, she asked if I remembered her name. I'll be honest. I barely remembered her name since I met her in a cluster of people. When I know no one and get introduced to 10 people all at once, nothing sticks.

      On our first date, she asked what her favorite flower was. She had mentioned it an hour earlier. Marigold. One date we were walking in a parking garage, she asked if I knew how to use some emergency defibrillator on a wall. Since I've seen enough TV shows and movies, I took a guess. I assume she asked because she was a nurse.

      Maybe she asked all of those questions to make sure that I was paying attention.

      Since there was no story as to what happened when I saw her in line at a haunted house. I will tell ye tales of our dates.

      We met at a party as I just told you, I think we talked for hours and hours like no one could separate us. It was just us talking. We exchanged numbers and the next day we had our first never ending date.

      The first date was mini golf, then dinner or dinner then mini golf. Then a movie. The Divinchi Code. I don't remember a damn thing about the movie. Wow I guess that proves I was correct, it was 8 years ago. After that we ate at Arbies at midnight or 1 am.

      The second date was the night after that. We met two of her friends and tried to convince them to go bowling with us. I was very willing to pay for them to come with us, because the boyfriend of the couple was saying he didn't have the money. Oh well. So we went glow bowling and met 2 more of her friends. One of her friends had a new boyfriend that was 24 but looked 40. It was interesting. We ate there. Her friend had a white shirt and spilled BBQ sauce so all night it was like a glowing white shirt with a really noticeable stain on it.

      She was so energetic, excitable and joyous. It still sticks in my mind. I'm usually the person to bring the energy. Clients have told me that I bring a refreshing enthusiasm to everything. Even if I'm a grim troll on a forum :-)

      After that it was her idea to drive to some beach in the dark and basically walk through the woods to access this foggy beach. Halfway through the walk, she began to panic since horror movies exist. So to calm her, I just calmly asked her questions to take her mind off of things. It was interesting since the beach was foggy, we saw what looked like a person watching us. The person then disappeared. Turns out the reason why the person disappeared was the fog moving. The person was really just a tall post.

      At midnight we made out in the middle of a road normally busy in the daytime under the rain. Straight out of a movie.

      I think I'll cut off the date stories there for now.