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  1. I have read idiots on other sites wondering what's your gaming resolution? Well gaming is entertainment, they shouldn't be goals. I have 1,100 games on Steam. I even bought 30 games on the last Steam sale. I don't need more games. Nor do I need to spend money on them.

    So as tough as it may be, I have decided to declare that I won't buy any new games or spend money on gaming in 2015. Even if I miss a sale, what's the worst that will happen that game won't be on sale at the same time next year? If I get bored of the 250 games on Steam that I have played, I haven't played the other 850 that I own.

    Let's see how long I last.

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    2. DoomUK


      TheCupboard said:

      I think there were a bunch of other titles after that but I stopped caring.

      Out of all the major installments post-ACIII, I'd say Black Flag is worth caring about. It's very self-aware and anti-Ass Creed. Play it and you'll understand. Oh, and the ship combat is much more than just a minigame like in the third one. Suffice it to say that it eclipsed ACII as my favourite AC game.

    3. Cupboard


      Thank you for the earnest recommendation. I always loved the mechanics behind the original game, the core experience. It's just that they seemed to tack on a bunch of shit that seemed to interfere with my free will. All those mandatory missions where you follow some AI so he can teach you something, tower defense, even those assassin recruits you could spawn out of nowhere and they would proceed to rape every single guard that was on screen leaving you with maybe a weak guard and a lance guy to fight, or even the insta-kill-arrows-from-nowhere that kill enemies. The games ended up getting ridiculously frustrating at certain parts and ridiculously easy at others.

      I will probably have to research Black Flag and give it a try.

    4. geo


      I'm two weeks in now and I feel very tested. The Humble Bundle has a bunch of fighting games, two I know I love and two I know that I'll play. Three of those four I know will just be on sale again and again. Sure I can just give in and buy it then proclaim that no I never cheated, but I feel I should stick through this and keep playing the games I already own.

      Oh shit and not the Double Dragon arcade trilogy just came out on PC. Oh shit. That just heightens the urge. Sure I have the first two on NES, but.... but... I still want.