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  1. In a 2D side-scrolling Doom platformer... should Doomguy be able to jump? He can't jump in Doom 1 & 2. A game can get away with lifts to compensate for lack of a jump.


    While I'm here... should Doomguy always auto aim at whatever is in front of him to emulate the fact that Doom 1 & 2 has automatic vertical aim?

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    2. Ichor


      Maybe he could be the one throwing the barrels while the imp tries to climb the girders to reach Hissy.

    3. MarsHappyNation


      That lack of mobility wouldn't lend itself well to a 2-D platformer, I wouldn't think.

    4. geo


      Abuse you say? I looked it up. I think one of the Doomworlders was making a 3D Abuse game. I think it was Jimi.