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  1. Possible Doom-ish side scrolling platforming shooter... phase 1 complete.


    Typical background doors can now be set to have 9 different methods to unlock them. Red key, blue key, yellow key, red skull, blue skull, yellow skull, small key, big key and switches. Small key is consumed when used, this and the big key probably wouldn't be for this specific project.


    Since these are background doors rather than solid objects. Nothing but the player can walk through them. All 8 pickups have been created. Doors have icons on them as to what they require to be opened. They also have a color strip indicating what door is their destination. Grey goes to grey, navy goes to navy and so on.


    Transporter system easily complete as well. Make an invisible, put it onto pedestals. Player hops on, pushes up, player teleports to the destination just like the background door system. Game makes a teleport sound and teleports onto the destination pedestal.


    Inventory system also complete. Its a simple system that just shows the items in the inventory on the HUD.


    Engine is about 9 months into development. Now has started the Doom-ish version.

    1. Tango


      sounds super neat. what are you making the engine in?