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  1. Possible Doom-ish side scrolling platforming shooter... phase 2 started, which is the moving solid objects phase.


    There are now two types of wall doors in addition to the background doors. The first type of wall door lets you pass through like Metroid's pod sealed doors. The second is more Doom - ish and acts like a wall, but lifts or lowers to let the player pass under or over.


    The Metroid - ish pass through doors open when shot and require to be shot with specific weapons to be opened. Once inside the tube, the other end will open. Each tube consists of two halves and maybe I should require the player to shoot the other side to open it, but having the other end automatically open feels right for the moment.


    With the Doom - ish lift / lower doors there are a lot more features at the moment. Shoot to open with specific weapons, step to it to open like a grocery store door and good ole fashioned push up to open it. These doors can require keys like last night's background doors. So if a door requires a key and a specific weapon, you'll need both. I doubt I'll go that crazy when it comes to level design. The doors stay open or open again if a living player or enemy is blocking it from closing. Enemies can also open doors by shooting them or stepping to them. This will probably change.


    I came up with a system that when all enemies in a room are defeated a tall pedestal object will rise from the floor. This will diversify doors as a way to leave an area. It has a good effect, the screen rumbles and dust rises.


    Next up will be finishing the wall doors and fixing their problems. I will also do moving walls. There is already a track system for moving platforms that I can just attach a wall or solid object to and it will shovel push the player out of the way. I just never thought to make it anything more than a moving platform system on a track. Then tie it all together with the switch system so these moving solids can act as lifts.


    Images would always be helpful, but there's nothing to see at the moment.