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  1. Do your part and review a map for Newstuff!


    On the risk that I might be thrown off a site for spamming part of the website, there are 177 files in idgames that need reviews for the Newstuff Chronicles. Pick a map, get playing, have fun, write a review.

    1. bzzrak


      Ahh thanks for doing the final evil god thing. I've been trying to review it for months now (and wanted to try again in the near future), but I never succeeded due to how horrible it was.

      Let's get back in the groove. Map Per Day, here I come.

    2. Misty


      @bzzrak good luck with that mapset ;)

    3. geo


      Oh its worth it with Final Evil God if you can make it past the first few minutes with how bland the maps look. Its still enjoyable, playable with an easy to fair challenge.... but the exteriors are just fugly and the maps feel like 1995, but both the best and worst aspects of 1995.