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    I remembered one another computer nightmare, but its not exactly a computer nightmare as it is a normal nightmare.


    I was visiting long distance relatives. At the time, I hadn't seen one of my cousins in like a decade and since then its been five years. My uncle mentions my cousin his daughter has been having computer problems, so while I'm in the area it would give me a good excuse to go visit her. I went to visit her, she indeed has computer problems. Some message keeps popping up. She said just wait 10 minutes it'll happen. So we waited 10 minutes and boom it happened.


    However the PC wasn't broken, it was just a typical "your PC is full" or something like that. I went into the My Computer and 1 TB is just full, after that I went to the uninstall. Maybe there's just a lot of stuff installed. Nope barely anything installed beyond what came with the computer. What else takes up a lot of space, music or videos? She and her fiance have music on their phones, so its not music. There's no videos because they have a smart TV to watch Youtube.


    Then in my mind I imagined the worst possible outcome. I did this so that way I would be relieved when I'm wrong.


    When I tracked down a folder containing say 80% of the hard drive's contents, sure enough my "worst case scenario" was right. Oh it was porn. Say 600 - 800 GB of porn videos. I barely know this cousin. I don't want to find that stuff with a cousin. I think her words were "what. The. Fuck." Followed by "He's a dead man." Its okay though. He's at class and I had time to get out of there. Well so I went deleting porn folders and anything that was in those folders. I didn't even check them. I just deleted them. They were marked hidden and read only so I had to unmark them which took a while.


    5 minutes into deleting things and her rage is when her fiance came home. Class was canceled ... well I kind of doubt he had class, but whatever. He didn't see it coming. It was awful. When she started yelling about the porn, he left the house to walk away and she followed right after him. So I hung out 2+ hours just deleting this guy's porn. Then I thought hmm... why was he stupid enough to store it on the computer when there are all these USB stick drives lying around. Oooo... its because they were full and sure enough they too were full. When she came back 2 hours later, she passed out on the couch. Didn't say anything. When the task was done I left. Neither one of us talked to the other for 5 years after that. We never knew one another that well since I'm 15 years older and their family moved to a different part of the country.


    Anyway, now she's married to a different guy and they had a kid together. Happily ever after.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Your first sentence led me to thinking that it was a dream. :/

      Also lol @ the dumbass who keeps his porn on his GF's computer...