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    Here is a blog that is a triggered memory. I had a friend growing up whose family raised me in my teenage years. I was at their family functions. Everyone knew me for a long time. When we were in our 20s things soured and we haven't talked since. Its turned into a bitter memory.


    Its not a story about that, instead its about his extended family, his uncle's family. I knew his uncle pretty well, we hung out and worked together a few times. He was married, had a kid. His wife's sister married to a drastically older man. They had 2 kids together about 10 years apart. Last year was a ten year anniversary since I had seen anyone from my uncle's family.


    Last year, I saw them all at a restaurant an hour away from where we live. The restaurant is an hour away, but in a popular town and its probably the most popular place in the town so there's a possibility of us meeting even if I've never seen them there before going there 4 times a year. Their kids were grown, had husbands or boyfriends. The eldest of the family wasn't there, but he was so old he'd be 80 now. Instead he was replaced by someone younger.


    They all looked younger and better than they should be. The adults should have grey hair by now. In fact the uncle's wife had grey hair last I saw her, but hey hair dye exists. They were always a real big family weight wise, but everyone had lost weight. That could all happen in 10 years. Stomach banding and stuff like that. Hardcore workouts.


    It was them, but it wasn't them.


    The kids were all the age they should be, but the adults weren't. They sat in their corresponding order, my friend's uncle, his wife and daughter sat next to one another with what I assume was the daughter's boyfriend. The uncle's wife is a tower of a woman and sure enough so was the wife of this guy. On the other side of the table was the sister, the sister's new husband, the sister's 2 adult kids and their boyfriends or husbands.


    When I was leaving, who I thought was my friend's uncle looked at me like he recognized me so I went over there to ask, don't I know you?


    I thought I recognized him, he thought he recognized me, but he wasn't who I thought. I wasn't who he thought. He didn't have the thick southern accent he should. No one was who I thought they were. It was amazing. They all thought I was their nephew's friend. Who's their nephew's friend? The eldest daughter's husband. He was there with his back to me when I was having my meal, but when I was standing there I could see he looked a lot like me. Their nephew was there too, he is who I thought was a boyfriend to one of the now adult children. He looked nothing like my friend. If anything he looked more like me than my friend.


    I told them they look like a family I always hung out with when I was a teen. That's how they know their version of me too. He was part of the family a decade before he married into the family.


    Well that was just mind blowing.