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    I go jogging a few times a week and usually about once a month I see at least one guy in a zip front, light hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled tight, big dark sunglasses and a mustache so thick that there's a 50% chance its not real. With that combination, I start to wonder if these guys are unibomber enthusiasts or undercover cops from the 70s. They're too young to be from the 70s, but they just looks so out of place and they really stand out. No matter if its winter or the summer, they still have the same getup. I know its different individuals, because one wears what I think is a wig that's held on by the hoody. To make him stand out even more the last time I saw him he was holding his head, leading me even more to believe its a wig he fears losing in the wind even if its under a hoody.


    Maybe they're running from the law, literally so they wear a disguise. Maybe they work for the law and that's why they have the overgrown tash that looks fake and store bought.