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    Has been both a giant annoyance and a source of hilarity. The prep work for this construction began like 9 months ago. Things were marked, things were fenced off and terrain was leveled. This was not an issue. The actual construction began about 3 months ago to put in a sewer system on my side of the road. My side of the road meaning literally its mine and my own side of the road. All the other homes are on the other side. Its justified that I take the brunt of it.


    The first issue happened on the first day, they severed my cable for television, phone and Internet. Electricity would be worse. Someone came out to fix it right away and it was fixed right away. However... the cable company denies sending anyone out and they want to know who it was. Well he had a van with your company's logo. The guy warned me that the cable has deteriorated and would need to be replaced at another time. Well its less than a year old. That does explain why my Internet has been bad for 9 months. Well I guess now that I'm tying it out... construction would explain why its been bad for 9 months.


    Its fixed, it works fine... for 24 hours where then the line is severed again. This cable line was spray painted on the ground so they could clearly see it. I saw the orange spray paint. Cable company sends out a new guy to fix it. New guy comes in like a week. It took a stupid long time for this guy to get out here. He even missed an appointment. When he did come out he was pissed off he had to lay a new cable. He laid it right across the line. That's fine... construction would only cut it again.


    Later on during construction, they warned me I couldn't leave the house for 4 hours. That's cool. They dug out an area and laid pipe. Well quitting time came... so rather than continue to bury the pipes they left them exposed, put up a little orange fence and laid a giant metal plate where my driveway used to be. Even for a giant metal plate, it didn't look too solid over a chasm. I dealt with it. They filled it the next day and put gravel over it.




    A month or two goes by. Construction is now literally blocking my driveway again as they work down the road to put the sewer beneath a body of water. So now the blockage is a giant semmi to haul away dirt. If I needed to leave... they'd just move the semmi. The only problem is I had to wait for an excessive amount of cars. At night they left their equipment next to my driveway so its like trying to peak out past 2 buildings with 55 mph traffic coming. So I only went out at night as that way I can see the headlights and not get hit. People can't even see there's a driveway and well since my house is the only house on this side of the road... no one would expect oh there's driveways. Unless people know the area.


    Let's continue shall we? Construction severed the cable line again. This time, they didn't just sever it, they first buried it with dirt and laid two giant metal plates over it so the semmis could have an easy resting place. That's just procedure I assume. But then at night they laid a giant metal box over it. Box for debris and rubble, whatever.


    Cable company sends someone out like 3 days later. The box is still there, the construction is still there. The cable guy is the same as last time... he flips out about it. Says he can't do anything and just drives away. What? Cable company was shocked about it, so they sent a new person out 2 days later. The new cable person did the smart thing, which was have the construction crew move their giant box, their metal plates and they dig out the cable. Well that was easy.




    As of 3 or 4 days ago. construction has now barricaded the road, because they're working on a 4 way intersection further down. I bring it up, because now it starts getting hilarious. This 4 way is a big hub. A hub on the way to Walmart, and a hub between 3 towns. Not having it means an excessive drive through lots of stop lights in all other directions going 35 mph rather than 55 mph.


    I bring it up, so you can understand just how bad people want to get through these barricades. Despite having a posting on the construction barricades citing its unlawful to move the barricades... sure enough people still move the barricades and drive right on through. So the police now have a posting there to catch people and give them tickets. Only here's the thing, one post isn't enough. Its up to two postings. ... but now its at 3 squad cars and 1 police SUV. The cops have 2 cars blocking one of the roads that still has a barricade.


    That's just one posting though, the other postings people still see the cops and chose to go around the barricade and the police vehicles. Wow. Now that's some bravery or stupidity to move the barricades in front of the cops. The cops are busy with 1 vehicle so another vehicle will try to just weave around them.


    Anyway, now the police seem to be impounding vehicles if they weren't already. I went to observe the area since its legal to as I own the property. The police had one person stopped that somehow got through the barricade, then three motorcycles just drove around the barricade where there was no police posting and sure enough the police got them in the middle of the four way. Looks like they need four postings to keep people out, but then again I assume they get ticket money for all these blockade breaches.


    I would take pictures, but it might be illegal still or frowned upon to go taking pictures of crime scenes or police on duty.

    1. NuMetalManiak


      Back where I used to live there's been this construction project for fixing a road that's been there for 3 years already. They trying to fix roads but barely even got shit done as far as I can tell other than block lanes right on the way to the campus I actually have to go to.