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  1. Lots of DOOM news, I'm on the third version of my Pain House level. I've come up with my own little DOOM site that pimps out my levels and blog.

    (My friend gave me some FTP space on her site).

    I've also completed another entry for NEWDOOM.com's "Big Boss Level." I would post screenshots and stuff about it here or link to where you could find them, but you're not encouraged to do so.

    Plot of the level is simple, especially if you remember the TV show American Gladiators, there was this competition on that show called Breakthrough & Conquer. Where the contestant would have to run down a mini football field and get past a gladiator for a touchdown. Then the gladiator would go into a mat ring to take on a gladiator and get any part of the gladiator out of the ring.

    Well just think of that DOOM style. Having to Break through one situation, and then having to Conquer an opponent in the ring in the center. You do actually need to get him out of the ring. Easier said than done.