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  1. I started this project as a one page omauge to my friend. She's really into horror, so I wrote her one page about her and her boyfriend digging her up from the cold ground.

    I posted it on a site. Everyone loved it, my friends loved it, the friend that I wrote it for absolutely loved it, her boyfriend loved it, and strangers loved it.

    They all wanted me to take the story forward, they were hooked and wanted to know how their story played out. I never meant to make it a novel, but people pushed me to make it a novel. Every day, my friends would ask for the latest chapter, or at least something that continued the story.

    Its now more than 100 pages of manuscript and less than 4 chapters from being done. In a paperback novel form, its 335 pages long.

    So now with all of this being said, there are 25 people who are reading it chapter by chapter, who are hooked. They tell me if there are any mistakes, grammar or plothole, I then go back and fill the plot holes and correct the mistakes.

    What should I do with it now? It will be finished in a week.

    1. Kristian Ronge

      Kristian Ronge

      You should do a Flaubert; spend weeks at a time perfecting each sentence and aim for publication around 2020.

    2. AirRaid


      What's an omauge? Maybe you meant homage?

      Sounds great, as long as it isn't full of fantasy words like that. Get someone to proofread it.

    3. geo


      The flaubert was funny :-) I've found that if something stretches the imagination you have to do Flauberts to perfect everything so it makes sense to the reader and has no plot holes in it.

      As for the proofreading, I have an editor friend who is an editor for a newspaper in Ohio, after being an editor for a newspaper in Minneapolis. She has told me that she would be the editor / proof reader once it gets over 100 pages, and now it is, so she's going away with her red pen.

      I have grammarmaticed it enough on the PC to know there should not be any grammar errors.

      A few people have told me that I have a very distinct writing style, where a person can read it and know that it had been written by me.

      With the things that I have written before, I was not nearly this proud. I have shown everyone this project, at least the first page, cause hey I could suck at writing and if its just one page, it makes it more readable than a whole chapter. Everyone is hooked with the first page and wants to read more; even if they hate the genre, and even if they hate to read in general :-)

      I'm also kind of waiting and hoping for someone to give it back to me and say, "I hated reading it" :-)