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  1. I went to IHOP with my cousin, her best friend Cari, Cari's boyfriend Jeff, Cari's sister Sarah, Sarah's 1 year old kid, and the daddy of Sarah's baby.

    This is a story of Cari, Sarah and Jeff's reaction to something said.

    During the Britney Spear's divorce, K-Fed has stated that Britney has walked around nude in front of their children. That is what we were talking about.

    So Sarah pointed out she walks around her 1 year old son all the time (I'm sure most parents do). Cari pointed out, walk around, Cari showers with him. Then Cari stated, "it's okay because we're related."

    Sarah said, "Yeah, it's okay for Cari and I to take showers together. We're sisters." At that point Cari's boyfriend choked on what he was eating.

    It was very funny :-) Right out of a sitcom, especially because Cari and Sarah both look like Mila Jovovitch with black hair.

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    2. Infinite Ammunition

      Infinite Ammunition

      exp(x) said:

      Look, if you were being carried away, you wouldn't bother to type "Let go of me. Where are you taking me?" You would just say it.

      he is quite skilled in the use of his toes for typing and wiggling out of his shoes in a hurry, apparently

    3. Bucket


      Oh, come on, people. Even I knew that was a Python line.

    4. Use


      Danarchy said:

      2) The only reason it would warp a kid AFTER they were 3 is because of the society they live in. Were it acceptable for people to walk around nude, no one would be "warped" by such a thing.

      Excellent point Danarchy. And once again Linguica doesn't disappoint by filling his role as village idiot.