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  1. I was wondering why there were 5 squad cars and an ambulance across the street last night. Now I just heard what happened.

    My neighbor across the street is a retired officer. He was an officer for our neighboring town. Over the past 5 years since he moved in he has had a huge problem with people riding snowmobiles through his property. We all have had this problem.

    People on snowmobiles have driven through our front yards and even done circles in our front yards. Just to prove that they can I suppose.

    However, snowmobiles have made a path in his back yard. There is a well known snowmobile path that ran in back of his fenceline, but when he bought the house he extended the fenceline to cover his entire property. The property is 2 acres, and originally the fence only covered 1 acre. At the end of the 2 acres is a river.

    Even though he put up a fence, amazingly each winter his fence is broken and snowmobiles drive through. He mends the fence, the fence breaks. He even put up a chain link fence 2 years ago. Some how some way the fence always seems to come down.

    So he put up a custom sign that reads, "People on snowmobiles will be shot." Instead of tresspassers will be shot.

    Last night he shot one of them at around 10 pm. There were 6 snowmobilers caught by my neighbor pulling down the chain link fence and so my neighbor shot into them. The man he shot survived; at least for now.

    The cops were called, the ambulance was called. My neighbor was taken in by the police. He is still with the police.

    I found this interesting.

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    2. Coopersville


      Kyka said:

      I read on the web (don't know if this is true or not) But apparently in the US there is a pistol shooting every 18 minutes, either accidental or deilberate. And thats just pistols/handguns. Shotguns, rifles, automatic weapons are another statistic again. Anyone know if this is true?

      Depends on your definition of "pistol shooting", because there are a lot of shooting ranges out there...

    3. Kyka


      Dr. Zin said:

      I'd doubt that, because way fewer people are shot than are killed by drunk drivers, and supposedly one person is killed by a drunk driver every 39 minutes.

      Yeah, it did sound like an awful high statistic to me too.

    4. Kira


      geo said:

      This is an interesting update...

      My neighbor that shot the snow mobiler was found guilty of firing a gun within township limits and firing a gun within a mile of school. He has a few hundred hours of community service, which is silly considering he helps the community already.

      As for the snowmobiler, he has now sued my neighbor for shooting him.

      Tricky thing is I just caught two people breaking into my grand parent's barn. They were stealing things... random items for the metal, because apparently people get paid a lot of money now for scrap iron.

      I boxed the van in that the two guys were driving, right as they were leaving. I called the cops, turns out the cops knew one of them as the snow mobiler that was shot.

      Wow nice one, thanks for the story dude.