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  1. I have a friend. A very good looking friend. I have known this friend for 15 years. We are both in our 20s. In movies this happens all the time, the great looking female friend and the dorky male friend.

    After 15 years of her chasing men that were douchebags, players or just evil. She now wants me. Instead of being happy about this, I'm offended and don't want her :-)

    So how does that work? Maybe it's all about the chase. Like you want something until you get it. Then you don't want it. I have just felt this way over the past month. I can't post a myspace blog about it, cause she reads them.

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    2. spank


      Also, if you listen, you still need her. Just move on.

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Welcome to being a man.

    4. geo


      Actually I don't listen or answer calls. It is weird, I am always clingy to the point I need to delete phone numbers in order to not call them. Her number is still in my phone and I don't feel any need or want to call.