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  1. My grand father got what he wanted. He didn't want to move to the people, he wanted the people to move to him. For that he gave up land so the township could expand and offered farm produce for 1/4th the price of everyone else, just so the people would come to him. His farm was one of the only things in a town of 500 people.

    Decades later, the people are here, about 25,000; they're scummy; and they just will not go away! I've caught numerous people at my grand parents land, and they all have stupid excuses why they are there. Some have even brought their girlfriends and dogs to do their business.

    Now they are coming to my front door. One was looking to do lawn care. Another was looking to do lawn care, but he was a teen and had his two jackass friends with them that were driving back and forth in my driveway to be morons screaming, "We know you're in there."

    (this was posted in on November 15th) Today a trio of painters and their pitbull came to my front door to paint the front of my house. My house is brick. They said $50, they're low on gas (but its cheaper than its been in 2 years), they've painted 5 of my neighbor's houses. I've never seen them, and all of my neighbors have siding.

    They let their pit bull out to do its business on my lawn without a leash. If I was watching my step dad's two dogs, they'd go nuts, and the last time his dogs found a pit bull my step dad had to get stitches and so did his dogs. There are laws that say dogs need leashes and you need to clean your dogs duty off the lawn, because dogs are territorial like that.

    Technically they aren't trespassing, because there are no signs and the front yard is not fenced in. Technically they can solicit services, because there is no sign on the door that says no solicitors.

    I can still get them for the pit bull. What sort of professional painter brings a pit bull or a dog to paint? Dogs drink paint.

    People walking through barbedwire fenced in back yards, kids punching out painted wooden fences to get through instead of climbing, men four wheeling through soy fields destroying crops. People in their cars watching my house.

    I remember the first dealing I had with someone scummy. When I was 13 a guy came to my house looking to use the phone, his car broke down. I let him use my phone. I shouldn't have, he was creepy and it was night time. I told my next door neighbor about it the next day. My neighbor wondered what he looked like and said that guy's car breaks down all the time. In fact I've even been over at my neighbor's house when he let the guy use the phone.

    Two months later the guy was arrested for breaking into a house he had used the phone in. He wasn't broke down, he was scouting the houses furthest away from the police station. The criminal confessed that he would leave a window unlatched and come back.

    Scummy people are good reasons to get a gun. Alas though, I live within a mile of a school, and its illegal to fire any gun within a mile of a school zone.

    Now today (December 19th), I had shoved my very long driveway, but stopped 20 feet from the road. Someone came driving up to my house. Made it to my house, I intercepted him, it was someone wanting to shovel the rest of my driveway.

    I told him no, so then he accepts that answer and in his SUV does a circle in my lawn to get out and uses my yard as an exit and not the driveway. wtf?

    I need a super soaker with tobasco sauce or rotton milk I am just going to start shooting people.

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    2. geo


      Yes I do!!! So I came home yesterday. Near Chicago we have 9"-12" of snow. My house is pretty far from the road, not far far that you can't see the road, but far enough so that shoveling snow is a chore.

      So when I shovel, I do one single car lane and that takes 2 hours.

      I came back from a Christmas party... There was a truck parked in my driveway in the shoveled part. I drive a car and it is not possible to get around the truck without my car getting stuck.

      I waited... I went to my neighbors, and called the other neighbor. I only have 2 houses as neighbors, both across the street. No one has seen this truck ever before. No one is having a party where they need to park the overflow in my driveway.

      Due to my anger toward stuff like this, I called the cops and their non emergency number. Someone was sent out, guy got there asked me who owned the truck. I had no idea, the cop says I have to, strangers don't just park in a driveway. He wanted to know if I was angry at someone.

      Eventually after I filled out a police report for a car parked on my driveway, the officer had someone call for a tow truck. Tow truck comes. Driver WANTS to charge ME, because its in my driveway and he's moving it.

      The cop has to move his car so I can get my car out, so the tow truck driver can get in to tow the car out. My car is slightly uphill, and a tow truck backing up my ice covered driveway didn't seem safe.

      The tow truck driver said he won't do it, because he can't back up the driveway. Officer tells me to just wait for the owner and if the owner never comes and the snow melts, call them again and they will have someone tow it away again.

      With all of us standing out there, we hear something... we looked over to the fenceline, no one saw what made the sound at first, but then the cop asks, is this your truck.

      A hunter and his two YOUNG sons hop over the fence. The sons were so young they looked 8 and 10, carrying rifles. Rifle hunting is a no no in this area, especially so close to a school.

      After the officer interrogates the guy, he comes back to me and says, the only thing that he can charge the guy with is causing a public disturbance and that is a toss up if anything would happen to him. Then he says, its Christmas, the guy had his two kids, its my choice what to do. When the officer put it that way, it just sounded like he was being lazy.

      I let the guy go. Tow truck driver left and then as the hunter was going down out of my driveway, it is down a hill, and then up a slope to get onto the road. He waited in a dip in my driveway at the lowest point, instead of waiting at a higher point and using momentum to go up the slope to get on the road.

      At the bottom he gunned it, and ended up spinning his tires. Over and over again! Then once he finally started up the slope, his truck fishtailed back and forth and straight into the front of the police car.

      Funny thing is that my neighbors' driveways were both completely plowed, but I guess he did not want to park there, because it is across the road.

    3. exp(x)


      What the hell is wrong with law enforcement where you live?

    4. Coopersville


      Now I know my friend isn't kidding about his mostly American family that lives in that area.