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  1. I had this girlfriend, lets call her JRN. Those are not her initials, they are what she does. I have known her 9 drama filled weeks. I dumped her after 4 weeks, but I'm stuck. Really stuck. One big dramatic problem after another.

    - She got mugged at her car after working at night
    - Her car got hit by a truck and totaled when it was parked at Walmart
    - Someone at a Saliva concert is smoking the nastiest weed I've ever smelled. So bad it made her pass out. I had to drag her out of the venue, and call an ambulance, we spent the night in the ER.
    - Her landlord failed to pay his taxes and her place is getting reposessed and she will be kicked out.
    - She was summoned to be at court. She did nothing wrong, she was summoned as a witness
    - She gets a cute and cuddly kitten.
    - 5 days after getting the cute and cuddly kitten her grand mother dies and she needs to go for a week back to her homestate of Florida. The kitten is now my kitten for 7 days.
    - She conveniently missed the court date for her grand mother's funeral and now there is a warrant out for her arrest.

    I have told her nicely, and I have told her meanly I never EVER want to see her again, not even as a friend, not even as a passer by. Then I've even got men about it. She said I'm a big jerk.

    Might I ask if I'm a big jerk? Even if she calls me a big jerk, I am totally happy with that :-)

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    2. Patrick


      Damn son, you need to keep your bitches in line!

    3. NightmareZer0


      Get infected with HIV and poke a hole in your condom and infect her back! Yeah you might die in the process but you 1uped her..That's gotta mean something.

    4. Bucket


      Nobody dies from AIDS anymore.