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  1. My family are farmers, everyone has their own farm. That's the back story. Now for a little tale, my uncle and I went to his cousin's farm to get some machinery. I've been to this farm many times. I know the farm hands and that side of the family (although they're all creepy).

    There are a few generations of people who live on that farm. My uncle's uncle, his son, his daughter, her husband, their daughter, their daughter's daughter. 4 generations. They live in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of a town with 200 people and 6 churches (on church street).

    Then I found out last time I went there that there are a pair of farm hands. I knew about the farm hands. They are a married couple, she is 43, he is 73! That's not the bad thing. They live in the barn rent free. Plenty of farm hands do that, its no big deal. The barn has electricity, no heat, no water and I hear the family sleeps in their car.

    Now the bad part is the fact that this 73 year old and 43 year old have 2 teenage daughters that no one has ever seen. They've lived there 7 years, no one has ever seen these two girls. My uncle's cousin accidentally let it slip. Never heard about them before, never heard about it since. I started asking around to my family, people have heard of the 2 girls, but no one has ever seen them.

    That was a big red flag, then 1 week later, the story about that creepy guy in California that kidnapped the 11 year old with his wife and had children with the 11 year old. Now there is more incentive to figure out if anything shady is going on.

    Tonight is the funeral of someone that lives at the house (from my family). I would only assume that after 7 years of living in the barn, these two teens would be obligated show up to the funeral. If they don't show up, I'm gonna start asking questions.

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    2. Craigs


      GreyGhost said:

      You will find a tied-up cop. :-)

      It'd probably be best to leave him there though. I've got a feeling things would come to a pretty bad end if he helped him out.

    3. Khorus
    4. geo


      One of my friends told me her opinion of the whole thing. My uncle's uncle lives there with his perfectly normal daughter (she's now a widow and the only one normal in that family), her daughter and her daughter. If there was anything shady going on she would have stopped it or mentioned it to someone. Especially when she has a teenage daughter herself.

      That makes total sense, but then the wife of the cali creepo was in on it. I'm not saying she's involved, but its just easier to not talk about it.

      It will be a while before I go there the next time. The farm is 2 hours away from me.