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  1. Here is the backstory:

    My cousin had a birthday October 5th. She wanted to go to Dave & Busters for it. There were 20 people going and the mob decided they'd rather go to Lonestar Steakhouse instead. So all 20 of us went to Lonestar instead of what the birthday girl wanted.

    The day after, I was mentioning to my cousin's mother that she really wanted to go to Dave & Busters, but the mob said otherwise. So her mom decided that we should all surprise her by going to Dave & Busters and we should only invite a van full of people instead of a mob of 20 people. A van full of people wouldn't overrule the birthday girl then. My family throws surprise parties a month after the person's birthday so they never suspect it.

    November 20th is the date we arranged, because it was the best for everyone that we wanted to go. The point of this was so no one derails Dave & Busters.

    The problem:

    My aunt wants to postpone past November 20th, because the black sheep of the family (my aunt's other daughter) needs my aunt to baby sit. This black sheep is not invited, nor does she even know about it. She is the alcoholic black sheep that is a toxic person to be around.

    The baby sitting counts as a derailment in my mind. November 20th will have already been 6 weeks since her birthday! Much longer and we'll have to throw a surprise half year birthday for my cousin.

    My dilema:

    Should I just cut out my aunt? It was her idea after all. I have confirmations from plenty of people saying yes they want to go on November 20th.

    Plus the black sheep always seems to have extremely inconvenient timing. It never fails. Like her parents will set the major family reunion for a specific date and announce it 4 months in advance. Then the black sheep will have her daughter's birthday party on the same day, forcing everyone to run themselves ragged to attend both or get people upset by only attending one.

    Any comments would be very helpful :-)

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    2. Sharessa


      Ah, come on, she can probably get a bunch of people anyway. My friends seem to often make time in getting most everyone together in less than a week's notice, and there's at least 15 of us.

    3. Ralphis
    4. Shaikoten


      All I saw in OP was "Whine whine whine whine Dave and Busters" which reminded me of a comic I drew :)