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  1. I've had plenty of notable Thanksgiving days. There were a few years where I'd fit 4 Thanksgiving dinners into one day. There was even a first date that said she forgot about a family dinner, would I mind coming with? That dinner turned out to be her family's dysfunctional Thanksgiving on a Sunday.

    Here's some back story for you. Two years ago my uncle got a new pair of new farm hands on his farm. A guy and a girl. We had no idea what their relation was. Turns out they were fiances.

    Months go on, the male farm hand dumps the female farm hand, because he says he's in love with my cousin. They use to date 10 years earlier. He says its not right to be in love with someone and keep his fiance, so he dumped her.

    Then he starts dating my cousin's younger sister. That lasts six months, so now in the time period, we are a year ago, in fact one year ago, I think she dumped him right before Thanksgiving.

    He stopped farm handing a few months ago, but each time he gets a girlfriend, he is sure to bring her to the farm for my uncle's approval. The only time he's been seen in 3 months was when my uncle's manure spreader broke down and he showed up to fix it. Showed up with a date I might add. There's nothing more romantic (or cheap) than going to a pig farm and fixing a manure spreader.

    Anyway, now for why this will be the best Thanksgiving ever!!! He's coming to my uncle's Thanksgiving dinner with his girlfriend! So he's bringing his girlfriend to his ex girlfriend's house for dinner. Not just one ex girlfriend, but two sister ex girlfriends (ten years apart)! My uncle wants to be oblivious to any sort of drama. It gets in the way of life and work.

    My cousin's hate it, their mother hates it, but my uncle is okay with it and you know what? I'm thrilled!!! :-) It gives me a great chance to mess with this snaky and shady guy.

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    2. geo


      And he never showed up. Which is terrible because, five people chose not to show up, because they knew he would be attending.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      What an anti-climax. One day, geo, one day.

    4. Lüt


      Ahaha, wow, looks like you were the ones who got trolled :D