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  1. I posted this on myspace...

    My Garmin took me on plenty of adventures.

    My GPS met its demise on a slab of black slate in the foyer. The Garmin still turns on, but her screen is cracked and no longer touchable. It was broken by my mom when she had it for the day. Accidents happen.

    So she bought me a new one after carefully selecting one from online deals, catalogs and so on. The one that she purchased was cursed! Cursed! It was purchased online from Target.com. Originally, she tried to purchase it at Target, but Target doesn't honor Target.com's deals.

    We ordered it online via Amazon, because I already had an account. Even though Target was selling it, Amazon was working as a middle man. I'm sure they get their 10%. At first the confirmation email said it would be an extra 2 weeks before it is shipped. A second email said that it would be shipped out sooner than 2 weeks. A third email said 2 more weeks. Then after 2 weeks a fourth email said 2 more weeks. After 2 more weeks, a fifth email said 2 more weeks. We are into 6 weeks now.

    It arrived and I don't like it. Not because its cursed, but because it can't find anything. It can't find any Best Buy, but it can find Best Buy's Chinese Food 29 miles away. Luckily it could find the nearest Target, so it could be returned.

    Online it says that it can be returned to any Target store. So my mom was in the area and it was bought with her credit card, so she tried to return it. Tried.

    Then I got a call and after 20 minutes on the phone with their customer service girl, I printed out the return slip and went to Target; 25 minutes away! Once I got there, she said I needed a receipt.

    So I went to CD's and printed a receipt instead of going home all 25 minutes in the snow. Then I returned in 15 minutes to the clerk's glee! She tried processing it, but it wouldn't process. Then she called Target.com. Then she called Amazon.com. I think I was there an extra 20 minutes.

    The Amazon representative told me to have UPS pick it up, to ship it to Amazon to ship it to Target.com. Yep.

    The clerk was sad for me. I was sad for the clerk with my nightmare of a day. I was sad for the 10 other people in line. I was sad for the other clerk having to deal with the long line.

    After losing the battle, I went to my car and thought of something. So I went back in and my clerk was gone, but the other clerk was there. The clerk saw me and said uh oh. I asked if my clerk was around, and she told me that my clerk went on a 30 minute dinner break. Then the clerk said she probably can't do anything for me.

    Oh but that clerk could do something for me :-) I told her that I wanted her to give a Starbucks giftcard to my clerk for helping me :-) Oh she can do that and she melted.

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Does ANYTHING good happen to you?

    3. deathbringer


      Wait, you got a shop to at least TRY and take back something you bought from them online.

      Most times i hear about that sort of thing they get something from the internet that doesn't work, then take it backt o a shop and all they get is a "none of our business, mate. Totally different department"

    4. geo


      Plenty of good things happen all the time, but its not the good stuff that makes people talk. Plus also, I don't post my normal blogs here. I post the juicy ones that I don't want friends reading.