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  1. I went to a Seether concert this weekend. My gf was about to pass out, so we went to the nearest open window. While we were there, I people watched :-) Drunks, asses hanging under dresses, douchebag singers from opening bands.

    Then on the staircase that was going down, there was a really chesty girl arguing with her bf/ friend / dude she was with. He starts slapping her hand down... Like nothing against her body, just her arms. He's yelling at her, she's not yelling back.

    So what caused it? 2 minutes earlier I saw her at the bar, she gave the bartender a grab with her guy right there.

    I just found it interesting.

    1. Technician


      Just sounds like an idoiot couple. Lots of them around.

    2. Coopersville


      geo said:

      a really chesty girl


    3. 40oz


      yeah im aware abusive relationships exist