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  1. To set this up, this is from my cousin Russel who is much older than me. I am this girl's exact age.


    Hi Geo. I dont know if you have a regular girl friend but there is a neighborhood girl who is the daughter of my buddie down the street, she is 29 yrs. old -- Her name is Jenny and her cell number is--( taken out )....she said if you call her, that she probably would be up to going out.. I told her that you are a nice and good looking guy and not a jerk like some guys--she is a nice looking girl who talks real fast and could probably use a guy to show her a litttle about life..you got nothing to lose---take her to a movie and culvers for a turtle yogert or something like that...

    Let me know how it works out


    So... any thoughts on how I should proceed? I particularly like the part about "show her a little about life." That's a compliment right?

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    2. Sharessa



    3. iori


      Do it! Nothing to lose, and turtle yogurt sounds awesome.

    4. Snakes


      Unless your cousin has been known to pull pranks or have bad taste in women, then go for it. Srsly.