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  1. My friend works on the fire department and has worked there for 6 years. She's former Navy and is an avid hunter with a big blue truck. She's a wonderful person and a great human being.

    Well Sunday I was with her and her big blue truck was pulled over for going 55 in a 35.

    The officer checked her liscense and registration and when he came back he told her that he could give her 2 tickets right then and there. BUT she's a firefighter and plenty of people at his office know her. She made sure to have the cop say hi to X, Y and Z back at the station.

    So he let her go. That's great, but he didn't let her go out of the kindness of his heart. He let her go because of who she is and who she knows.

    I feel that is wrong. She was going 55 in a 35 and with her big blue truck, she could easily kill a kid in that neighborhood if they lost a ball and ran out into a street.

    Now she and I have had a fight over this, because I feel that she should have gotten a ticket and she's not above the law. She was clearly in the wrong, but she got off for being a fire fighter. Its like if a mayor were busted in a prostitution sting and the cops said... lets let him go, he's a mayor and we all know him!

    Am I just being a spaz?

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    2. myk


      Ah, taxis. I remember that at one point we had many unauthorized taxis here, which was a matter of debate, and during the social breakdown following the 2001 crisis, taxis got a bad reputation as a noticeable number of cabs were being used by criminals to mug or kidnap people.

      Maes said:
      You interpreted my phrase as meaning "I'm a self-centered asshole", but that's really simplistic, and a very common mistake, though I'm used to hearing it.

      That's more of an intentions-based thing, which, as you note, is hard to measure. We can't really see the consciousness of another. As far as I'm concerned, people usually have reasons to do what they do based on all their experiences, and, when they are aware their choices aren't that admirable, for the most part simply don't see some better alternative. I tend to look at it from a more practical sense: "What you're doing leads here due to cause and effect." I think, in any case, that communal or social action is beneficial to the individual. I noticed that, ironically, I don't like the concept of individualism, yet, my dislike of "individualism" is in a form of individualism: I highlight the responsibility of the individual in social matters, and without social initiatives, the individual is shackled. The idea is perhaps mirrored in an ancient saying found in the Emerald Tablet:

      That which is below is as that which is above, and that which is above is as that which is below, to perform the miracles of the one thing.

      Society is not just an aggregation of individuals, as Thatcher would like, and the value and meaning of all those individuals is defined by their social relations. Thus, in principle, a politically active attitude and mind is important and "to each his own" doesn't really work.

    3. Maes


      myk said:

      Thus, in principle, a politically active attitude and mind is important and "to each his own" doesn't really work.

      Hmm...this explains why we have debated this for so long: I never regarded myself as "politically active". On the opposite, I always was put away and even disgusted by things such as politicized student unions, organized party militancy etc. also because in Greece they're practically peer pressure groups and, within universities, are tied to "real" parliamentary parties and have almost mob-like powers in running university affairs: they can ruin lessons, disrupt procedures, prevent professors from going to work, occupy classroms, etc. and even get privileged access to exam questions (!) for their members.

      TBQH I was disgusted by them primarily because they are the breeding grounds for tomorrow's "politicians" and favoritism "elite", with an attitude to match. The expression "kommatoskylo" = "(political) party dog" wasn't coined for nothing: it means someone who "barks" according to party creed and thinks he can "bark" orders at others just because of his party affiliation. Sometimes such people really do have some authority/power, sometimes they are just bandwagon jumpers with otherwise unremarkable lives and very little actual power.

      I even got in a clash with one of those "political student branches" when I tried to arrange a mid-summer examination for myself with my Microwaves professor in order to be done with exams sooner (I was nearing graduation, and such arrangements can be done). I got myself a day and time....only to be rung up by some guy who literally started "barking" at me stuff such as "How you dare make arrangements without consulting with us, The Party? We're calling the shots here in case you haven't noticed, who do you think you are, you're outside the "star system", you can't do such things without counting us in first" etc. etc.

      The "problem" was that I booked myself before one of their guys did, and the professor wouldn't accept any more near-grads for mid-summer examinations, so apparently I ruined somebody's shit. They expected me to yield in favour of their "alpha dog", but guess what, they shifted reverse gears and farted on my bollocks.

    4. AveryMaurice


      geo said:

      We've stopped being friends after this whole 55 in a 35 by her choice after how I reacted.

      Be careful, she knows people. Powerful people.