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  1. I have an ex that I dated 4 years ago for 4 months and I still know her to this day. Its very sparse when we talk. Sometimes 6 months go by.

    Her gpa had cancer. He was given 6 months to live. 2 months ago she invited me to his future funeral / wake. He past away on the 21st. She saw him die in front of her and she's very disturbed over this. Tomorrow is his funeral.

    So I asked if she still wanted me to come and she said of course. Now I'm asking you the reading public if I should?

    4 years ago for 4 months I spent every Sunday at this guy's house. I knew him, but you know what I can't remember his name. Probably because everyone called him grandpa.

    However, he's the grandpa of an ex, but she invited me. But maybe her parents don't want me there, because I'm an ex. Uggg... I'm going nuts over this.


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    2. 40oz


      I'm gonna side with Ralphis. Ex girlfriends are always bad news in my experience.

    3. Technician


      I can't quite wrap my head around why she wanted you. You seemed to have known the grandfather but never had any real relationship with him either.

    4. geo


      I went for him. I know that now. I thought it was for her, because she invited me, but I did know the guy every Sunday for 4 months.

      I've gone to funerals because I know other people. Like when my cousin's fiance's son died. My whole family went for the fiance and my cousin. None of us knew the son.

      As for why she asked me... I can't wrap my head around it either. Maybe it was because the last time I saw her face to face was the day her family bought his plot... and her plot and their plot. Family discount I guess. So maybe it was just on her mind that day, but I'm the one that asked if I was still invited once he passed away. Or maybe she asked everyone.

      Oh and also the grand father planned it all. Flowers, arrangements, everything, because they knew it was coming. He was up and moving around normally until the day he died.