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  1. Howdy there. I'm the narrator. This story doesn't involve me at all. So through my cousin, I have 2 aquaintances that are hot sisters in their 20s. They used to live together.

    One night, the older sister gets arrested for something. No one knows what, but I had a feeling I know what it is. A month goes by, with no one hearing anything from either one.

    The younger sister calls up my cousin and they hang out. Turns out the older sister beat the younger one with a bathroom scale. The cops had to break in and break it up.

    I had a feeling the older one was busted for attacking the younger one. If you knew them, you'd think so too, but since they're hot, people tend to be blind about reality. The younger sister causes extreme drama a lot.

    So now for a day my cousin starts thinking the older one is a psycho for beating her sister with a scale.

    Here's a sidestory that will dovetail into the other. My cousin has been dating this guy for 3 months... She hearts him. Well one day into the younger sister resurfacing into all of our lives, the girl wants to go hang out again with my cousin and her bf. So that's what they do.

    My cousin fell asleep at like 2 am with her bf and that girl there. Then my cousin wakes up at 3 am to the sound of the younger sister and the bf having sex in another room.

    I can only assume that something similar happened with her older sister to make her beat her sister with a scale.

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    2. geo


      I'm not sure if my cousin hearts him. She hasn't mentioned him since that story. Its tough for her to find guys. She did mention this is the 4th guy she's been into or dated that the girl slept with. Oh and next time she wants to hang out with this girl to remind her about the guys. Then I told her, I could remind her about the time she went into her house with a spare key to get booze and got caught then ran away like a burglar.

      Oh and I live an hour north of Chicago, an hour south of Milwaukee.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      She got caught going into her own house?

    4. geo


      My cousin caught her friend going into my cousin's house at 2 or 3 am for a booze raid. She had a key or something like that for emergancies.