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  1. Ug. Here's another story that ya'all will roll your eyes at. I've got an ex, who even though we don't really see each other and don't talk anymore, she invites me to important events in her life. When her grandpa died, she invited me, heck she invited me 2 months before he died.

    Now at 1 am, she called me up to tell me her boyfriend proposed and she said yes. Maybe she called me because she thought I'd be awake or I was the person that would tollerate a late call the most. Then she asked me to be her bride's maid. I told her she was joking and she said she's serious. She wants me as a bridesman. Then I pointed out that her bff should be her bridesmaid.

    This ex is a girl with an overabundance of friends. Its just weird that after not talking to me really since her gpa's funeral, she'd as me. Of course it could be a joke once I say yes no matter how many times she asks.

    Everyone is changing within the past 3 months everyone is changing. One of my friends is pregnant after her hating the thought of having a kid, several other couples are suddenly pregnant too, my boss is getting a divorce, one of my friends won the lotto... the big one.

    Its strange.

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      I just want to say I'm sorry to hear your friends are having kids.

    3. Hellbent


      It is strange... get to the bottom of it and report back to us.

      Also.. how big?

    4. geo


      I did tell her no after a joke about how her bff would look better in a dress. I'm not doing it. She has a ton of other friends and it would be just strange.

      My ex that we dated for 4 months maybe 4 years ago at this point. We saw each other 2x in 2010, 1x in 2009 (a day before she started dating this guy), 1x in 2008. I'm not a phone-a-friend really. I'm thinking the bride'sman thing was either a joke or a way to involve me in a story at 1 AM to justify it.

      About my friends having kids. These are people that have been married years with no kids. So its just strange. I have aquaintances that are pregnant who aren't even with the baby daddy anymore. Those are interesting stories in and of themselves.

      And as for the lotto, my friend won the big state lotto llike 6.5 million. Its going to be interesting to see what happens with him. He hasn't claimed the prize yet.

      Side note >> I've known females who complain about why can't a man just be friends with a woman? Maybe this is the reason. He's a far stronger man than I was to last 2 years or maybe she's just different now after 4 years. She was a monster back then.