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  1. Yesterday I got my 2nd ever tick bite. I've found plenty on me, but I've only been bit 2 x. This one was on my waistline. I pulled at him, but didn't pull him off, yep he was stuck. I didn't realize it then, but he wasn't clinging like living ones do.

    So I put toothpaste on him and waited 15 minutes for him to pull out. He didn't pull out, he didn't struggle or move. After that, I cleaned the toothpaste off and in another 10 minutes I pulled him off. My LPN cousin said that he should just pull right off if he's dead.

    Nope. My skin stretched and eventually I pulled him off. His head was red, he had flesh caught in his mouth, proving that I had the entire head :-) There was no blood spot on me like the last tick bite I had.

    I put him on a magnifying glass where he sat dead for 15 minutes. Didn't move, I poked him. Didn't move, no reflexes. I put him in a pill bottle in the freezer just incase I get a red ring.

    Then I realized it was literally half my life ago that I got my last tick bite. Not just that, but it was to the day... July 3rd. I remember, because I still have a bite scar that is a red dot to this day.

    People like to say ticks crawl on you for 24 hours before they bite. I really don't think that's true. This one was on me for maybe 2 hours unless I picked him up in the house, which doesn't seem likely.

    The bigger mystery is how could he bed dead? Maybe 2 hours of sweating outside push mowing my lawn drown him. Maybe my blood is poisonous. Maybe he drown in my shower. But I hear that water just passex over them and can't get into the head hole area, but air can. Maybe since he was in my waist line of my jeans I beat him up, but then ticks just cling so the chaffing of jeans shouldn't hurt him.

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    2. geo


      I did save the carcass in a pill bottle in a freezer a friend of my suggested it. Her aunt caught lyme disease and if I had lyme, I'd already see a red ring.

      But no it wasn't a deer tick. Even though I have plenty of deer in my backyard.

      Maybe the first one I had half a life ago was a deer tick which is why it left a tiny red blood dot scar to this day and the other one didn't.

    3. ReFracture


      Ticks suck, my brother had two at the same time once.

    4. Mithran Denizen

      Mithran Denizen

      Hell, I've never even seen an actual tick. Gnarly.