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  1. Most of them just dress like clowns.
  2. A lot of thing I've heard didn't sound edited. I do know there are some who have reverb and stuff, but I can find stuff without reverb. I know TV shows and movies on Youtube end up showing like 60% of the screen to get away with things.
  3. Eh Doomworld doesn't use a lot of bandwidth such as movies, games downloading or music streaming sites. Nor is it a conflict of interest. Someone can prove me wrong.
  4. I read a post mortem on a game that tried to get a video game commercial on TV. They had the money, but the TV stations rejected it as there was too much gameplay and if people saw that for 30 seconds straight they'd turn the channel. So they had to splice it with live action and humans. So 30 seconds of gameplay turned into 7. They didn't realize they should have had humans playing the game to fit in more gameplay.
  5. Youtube is interesting. If the music is partnered with VIMO or whatever it is, there tends to be automatic take downs. Otherwise Youtube / Google fall back on the "file a report." They won't file a report. Rammstien is tough to find on Youtube and on specific streaming sites. I subscribe to Google Music / Youtube Red, which have deals with musicians ... and then musicians that they don't have deals, its still on Youtube. Its amazing so many Youtubers get auto flagged for including background music, yet full songs are still available. Maybe the owners of songs still make money on the ads rather than the people posting them. Then again what if the wrong song is recognized? Like I see some Youtube gameplay videos where Youtube recognizes it as the wrong game.
  6. @Maes needs a high res avatar.
  7. I think the Doom community / Doomworld in general is pretty awesome. Thank you for letting me be a part of it so long even if I do zero to contribute. Don't you change Doomunity!
  8. I haven't played too many, PC, SNES and GBA... at least that I can remember. I'll go with GBA as the worst, but I still enjoy it. There are far worse FPS on the system.
  9. Capcom will smite those indiedevs dead. All dozen or so Mega Man clones on Steam haven't sold that well with the exception of one because the Mega Man collection is already on Steam. I guess this is Capcom's once every year remake of an old NES game with a new skin. Only its new levels too! Anyway... game looks great, I'm happy the X collection is coming too.
  10. This wouldn't happen to me at all. I'm the guy that calls the cops. I explain things in general in a clear and understandable manor. * manner *. Plus, I don't look like a threat. So the answer is if this really happened to me... I'd just be myself and amazingly the cops would end up being my friends and do my bidding. Heck here's a story for ya... I took a train into downtown Chicago to take a train outbound to get home. Since it was snowing, the inbound train got there late and I missed my train home. Well like 10 people on the train missed their outbound train and had to wait for rides... just as I did. The officers / security made everyone wait outside in the cold and blizzard while 2 officers watched them to make sure they stayed out in the cold. The doors were locked. They let me stay inside. Then everyone outside dispersed and got their rides, then the 2 officers told me "we're going to leave you here, when your ride comes just walk down that hallway to the office, tell us and someone will unlock the doors for you." Not only did they let me stay in the warm, but they let me stay inside a building without supervision. Anything could have happened with me in a secure building in the heart of the city next to the world's tallest office building.
  11. The player. That sadistic monster murders thousands of us per life. wtf! Seriously overpowered.
  12. Keep pushing forward man. Slow starts can still achieve big things.
  13. Streamers have a lot of time to fill. Like the AM radio.
  14. He did, but some of the maps were far far too long and too many. Its the only time I watched him and I was happy when there were short or low quality maps. As for starting when the contest starts... yeah dude is jumping the gun, but hey there was money involved last year so I can see why he would. Plus its a cure for boredom.
  15. I can understand why you two argue as 1 of your avatars is either cosplay or fan art of the other.
  16. The apocalypse is an old Youtuber gripe. The new one is how Patreon wants 35 cents per transaction as if its PayPal or something.
  17. Fidget Spinner in about a year.
  18. We all miss "Cool Kids" and his 2 weeks of terror.
  19. Much like reviving a dead topic.
  20. Doomworld doesn't tell you why you end up in that other place.
  21. I guess that explains why he's been having more videos lately. It used to be one every 2 months. Now it seems like every 2 or 3 weeks. I'll have to check out whatever sponsored video he's doing.
  22. Doom still looks so good it makes the other perfect 10 games look like 5s by comparison. I still love you Doom.
  23. The fact that there has to be an exit to each level.
  24. Walks into Doomworld. Sees a riot brewing. Walks out of Doomworld.
  25. Didn't this topic get made 2 or so months ago? Hmmm underused themes... snow? Jurassic Park? Heaven? Skate parks? Shrunk Doomguy on a kitchen table? Roller rinks?