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  1. geo

    My ideas for a Duke Nukem fangame

    Quite a few people have dead on Duke Nukem voices. I'd say it's the microphone. As for the game... what are your ideas beyond "made in Unity?" Will Duke be a father? Will Duke be a dinosaur forced to adapt to a world that has moved beyond Beavis & Butthead? Will it be a coming of age story prequel where Duke must kill aliens before the aliens of Duke 3D? Would he team up with Bill Clinton to save Chelsea who ends up hooking up with Duke? What environments would it have? Casinos and Vegas sights? California landmarks? Typical suburban environments with fast food restaurants and theme parks? Duke always seemed to go through themed / gimmicked environments. Would Duke need to piss out a hotel fire?
  2. geo

    Dung beetles

    At long last... a reason to shit post.
  3. Doomworld, we have threads for pets, random images and other such things. Now here is a serious chance to share adorable images! After face melting demons prepare to have your hearts melted by this thread! Fat cats are adorable! Have this basket of kittens! Corgi Cloning Facility clones too many Corgis! Man manages to fall into puppy pit with carniverous canines: https://media.giphy.com/media/n3EgI69y7hs6Q/giphy.gif Fortune smiles upon thee... in giraffe form: Whotter U looken at?
  4. geo

    Serious Sam Vs Doomguy

    Alright... I'll take this serious as someone on a Doom forum who has never played a Serious Sam game despite owning them all. Doomguy wins... speed and power armor vs a serious dude in a T-shirt & jeans? Even game wise... ever play any of the spin off games? They're both unique and most are terrible. Doom has a higher standard of what is an official release. I appreciate the fact that there's another FPS out there other than Doom & Duke. Let's throw in Painkiller too.
  5. geo

    What is/was a meme you hate/hated?

    As someone who has gone through both games several times, I assure you, they are not funny. I don't even know how "the cake is a lie" can be funny. It's not even a point of comedy, more like "I too have played the game." Such as Super Hot reviews saying "It's the most innovative shooter I've played in years." That means "I too have played the game." The arrow to the knee thing is said so often in game that it is comedy.
  6. geo

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    Having AI allies are always fun. It diversifies things.
  7. I'm happy you shut down that bump fest known as agree or disagree.

    1. bzzrak


      dIsAgReE, it was a fun thread


      The master/slave concept in programming stuff shouldn't be offensive

    2. Ex Oblivione

      Ex Oblivione

      Good work Linguine!

  8. I'm offended people are so intolerant of words. Perhaps they don't want it messing with their Google searches? What's that? Python language is a slave trading ring or a dating website?
  9. geo

    Doomguy versus Mega Man

    Mega Man's like half the height of Doomguy right? That's before Doom 3 and Doom 4. Mega Man might have a bazillion weapons, but he'd be too busy deciding which one to use. Here's another thing... Doomguy is fast. Anyone play Mega Man lately? He plays like he's on tar. Doomguy might not be able to jump, but part of Mega Man's challenge is the lack of jump height. Plus Doomguy doesn't have to aim up or down. He just hit scans his targets. Mega Man has projectiles and Doomguy can easily dodge projectiles... except on a 2D plane with no jump or a duck.
  10. geo

    Random Image Thread

    Not true at all in my area. My nearest McDonalds took its sweet time getting built... then when it was built, it burned down within the first week. What happened then? They rebuilt it of course. I also saw a Burger King rise from the ground as well... with McDonald's 2 plots over from it and in a much worse location. What happened? Burger King gets zero customers, despite being on a corner lot and McDonalds will sometimes clog the road, because customers are wrapped around the building (in cars). They even shut down the McDonalds for 3+ months in accordance with a city law citing no business shall halt traffic like they do. The irony being Portillo's or Portello's clogs traffic so bad there are always 2 cops posted there to direct traffic. Even more crazy than that, a few miles away is another Portello's. You'd think they'd kill one another off, but nope. Both excessively and stupidly packed full of people.
  11. geo

    Favorite thing about the Doom games?

    The story! It's the story about a man's gun mopping up the world of demons.
  12. Idiocy. In the old days, people didn't make backups until specific benchmarks. Then PC crashes happen and data gets lost. Misplacing backups. With old hard drives, sectors can get lost. If only 1 person had a copy, that game is lost. Anything you work hundreds to thousands of hours on should always be backed up on multiple sources. There are of course ways to get the deleted data back, assuming the hard drives haven't been reformatted. I've dealt with lots of programmers who know nothing about that... they just program. Bitterness. There have been cases where 1 company gets sold to another and rogue employees delete code or give the wrong code such as old, outdated code. This is different than idiocy as it's done to spite someone else. Also in the case of bitterness, there was one game that was destroyed by someone's wife, fiance or girlfriend that was jealous of the time spent by the programmer. So she destroyed everything... and the PCs. Then again, the "jealous over your programming career" might be code for "cheated on me." I see a few posts from idiot Steam devs specifying well... sorry guys, game can't be updated, I lost the source code. Followed by dozens of comments how to restore things. Also, over on Steam, there was a collection of 4 games... sold from 1 publisher to another. The problem is the 4 game source codes managed to get lost by the new publisher due to what I refer to as "idiocy." Then the old publisher chimes in to say "as specified by the contract, we had deleted our own copies of the source code." It makes me think well the source code was probably emailed or stuffed somewhere to transfer it from the old publisher to the new publisher. I remember my day job company took in an offer from a science lab as a client. The science lab's contract had all sorts of interesting specifications, such as we needed to have MILLION DOLLAR INSURANCE against data loss without recovery. Also... a different MILLION DOLLAR INSURANCE against data breach being caused by vehicle crash in the theft of physical data. Anyway there were so many hoops with that company that my company bailed. They thought of everything. It was amazing to read. I need to check to see if I still have a copy. As someone who has lost days or hours of work... it's always quicker to do it the second time than the first. Get back on that horse immediately, before you forget.
  13. geo

    Today is National Cheese Pizza Day

    Last time (and only time) I got a pizza at Olive Garden it was dreadfully under cooked. It was a chicken pizza. The chicken was hard. We returned it. I've had other negative experiences there... such as a panini... where the melted cheese had cardboard stuck to it. Found that at the end of the sandwich.
  14. Since I've never played Blood and barely played Shadow Warrior... Duke 3D. I mean there's a whole big, bloated franchise around just that one game. It's clearly better than Blood. I'm not even saying that to get you all riled up. What happened to Blood? Was it the developer kept it in check while Duke's license owners were like WE NEED MORE DUKE EVERYWHERE!!!
  15. geo

    The "filler" part of FPS

    Lots of game devs make the last level first and the first levels last so they have the experience of making better levels. In the case of Doom NukEem that first episode had to sell the game. In the case of Vampire: The Mascarade, they went first level to last level and you can tell they ran out of time as environments get more empty and vacant. Then the staff was laid off and the company folded, which happens with 90% of game developers that don't have shareholders.
  16. geo

    The DOOM perspecive

    People are dumb and they want their shooty stick to be lined up what with they're shooting at.
  17. geo

    When Should You Introduce a Cyber Demon?

    When she's pregnant and you've decided to marry her.
  18. I assume Duke's World Tour price point was because GearBoy knows people buy things on sale. GearBoy is notorious for deep discounts not far after launch.
  19. The game in question is a sealed copy of "The Evil Within 2." Here is the article: https://www.polygon.com/2018/8/11/17661254/bethesda-sell-used-games-amazon-block I can summarize this in 2 ways: NON BETHESDA PERSPECTIVE: The company's lawyers were bored, so they went after an individual for selling his sealed copy as * new. * BETHESDA'S PERSPECTIVE: The guy is an unauthorized reseller as he has no sort of warranty for the game. Anyone that buys the * new * copy would get screwed if they try to return it. As the guy is not an official reseller, it's unlawful for him to resell the game on Amazon. The lack of warranty would violate the "first sale doctrine," thus making it illegal. All Bethesda cared about is the word * new * rather than * sealed. * Claiming it's * new * makes it false advertising. Bethesda makes a good argument and if the succeed, this could prevent the word * new * with resellers that offer no warranty. This is the Internet... pick a side and discuss why the other side is wrong.
  20. Anyone who * really * cared about Desert Bus already owned it. No sense in wasting time to publish it.
  21. And with enough practice it can be like piano and you can sync it with your gameplay.
  22. So this is just baseless allegations at this point? I wonder how much traffic it has generated.
  23. Disagree. Do we need to agree when there is a like system?