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  1. Reminds me of Zenohell. :-) And Zenodyne. You need to leave that Gmoose engine to make your games feel different. Its your 4th game in 2 years with this engine. Heck there was a free game before Zenohell and I played that one too. Hopefully its easier or different than both Zenodyne and Zenohell. I like how they play, the problem is the game stagnates easily, there's just not that much diversity and its always intense with no easy moments to enjoy the game. It doesn't ease up. Its just always intense. I went through both games and Zenohell was just grueling. Unlimited continues, I just kept going until I beat the game in 30 minutes and since the game was so brutal it stopped being fun at 5 minutes. It was at a level that made me wonder if you even played your own game, but I've seen videos of people going through, so it must be possible. Zenodyne was far more challenging since there are limited continues. I felt happy there were limited continues. I hate to rain on your two games, but they were a struggle to enjoy, so I never tried the third one.
  2. I'm glad we finally can merge the 2 topics into one by having this third topic :-)
  3. When he did an interview with Connan for another movie, he mentioned he's also doing Doom. What character are you playing? I'm the guy! he said or something similar. No he wasn't. I'd say Bones was "Doomguy."
  4. Michelle Rodriguez 100%. She played Doom growing up. She's probably still here. One of us!
  5. When I used to make maps 10 years ago people mentioned how they evoke 90s .wads due to how cramped they were.
  6. Are you licensed and insured to do such things? You fixed one problem... can you handle ALL plumbing problems?
  7. Crowdfunding is a good way to gauge or get interest. There are plenty of games that didn't get funded yet still became games. As for a flimsy band-aid... its a way for independents to not be dependent by getting people's money. :-) FIG is interesting, it lets people "invest" and get a share of the profits. I think it was made by Double Fine and other game developers, because why pay for Kickstarter?
  8. Making mods for those that donate is acceptable. You need to make what the people want or the money goes away. What ever happened to donations? Oh that's just a one time thing and not a monthly thing?
  9. I remember a guy at work showing me how its done back in 99 or 2000 (maybe later). I was wired up until 3 years ago. Now I just don't care.
  10. Help me decide which of these images to convert into terrible Doom fan art.
  11. The fanfiction. I have gone back and elaborated.
  12. I'd wager 1993. I just deleted a bunch of decade old Doom fan fictions this morning from the Internet. I still have files from 1995 back when my fanfiction was considered to be a rip off of Aliens. Then the Doom movie came out and the decade old fanfiction was deemed a rip off of the Doom movie.
  13. Because without it we'd hate the shotgun... or just have to punch everything.
  14. That's Nuts.
  15. E2M2 all day every day. All these boxes! What's this forklift simulator? When people ask "bro du u evn lft?" I shout out E2M2 mutcha fucka! E4M2 separates the men from the boys and I'd rather have fun and not dodge pits.
  16. I've been to the future and I can confirm that all shotguns are sniper rifles. Your archaic Doom 3 style shotguns are primitive. The helmets are accurate too. You don't wear it you just tear it apart and solder it onto your existing helmet and armor. Doomguy runs 64 mph he can do these things fast and without looking. I'm sorry you're too dumb to realize these things. :-)
  17. Thanks. Well thanks to the Rock and Bones too.
  18. Horror movies do super well. Low budget, high yield. With that said, Doom is action while Doom 3 is more horror. Would that succeed? Horror would. Action would die without say $100 million behind it. Chances are someone can do it cheaper, but I'm not sure people go to theaters to see action movies unless its big budget action movies. There are a hundred lower budget $20 million and under that are straight to digital services. Some are good, many are bland. Would anyone watch them?
  19. Yoshi saddle sound to make sure people are still paying attention.
  20. Could "The Trump Encounter" be next?
  21. Did you want to ask that person for a sequel?
  22. I might as well start archiving my journey through learning how to hand draw things. This is as far as my 24 hours of digital art talent will take me. BaDoom Art Piece #2: Doomguy Dentist #3: What Doomguy does in his free time