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  1. The "stupid mod idea" thread

    The title screen can have a vomit bag on it.
  2. Right clicked an image, drop down menu happened, I clicked delete. It deleted the file and all screenshots. I'll give it another test right now. Alright. Now it worked as it should. Gave a confirmation and deleted only the screenshot. So I will assume what happened earlier was an issue on my part. Thanks for explaining the copy all. What about a no rating on /idgames? I'm trying to find things with no ratings to review them. As it is now I have to visit /idgames, click random file and keep going until I stumble upon one with no ratings.
  3. Why do people care about FPS past 120?

    fps is always interesting. Is it a visual frames per second or is the game going through is logic 60 fps? Does something need to be rendered faster than we can see it or feel it? Does logic need to be activated 60 times per second to burden your CPU? If I'm sitting close to a monitor I can notice the slightest drop in frame rate. If I'm sitting further back, suddenly I can't. Even with a fps checker to verify that yes there was a dip. Then again, that's just me. The games limited to 30 fps are usually limited due to a drop in frame rate when things get chaotic. Would you rather have a smooth 30 fps that stays 30 or would you rather have 60 fps for 90% of the game until explosions, mayhem and carnage happen suddenly it dips to 30 or worse because its doing its thing twice as much? Chances are programmers should alter things to start dropping intensive things when said mayhem starts happening. Then there's the Windows popup of "something is taking up resources" for games that use 100% of CPU to maintain 200 - 1,000 fps. As for online multiplayer and smoothness, that stuff matters. If you aren't smooth, the other guy is. If you don't have the FOV cranked up to see 110 the guy next to you does.
  4. @hobomaster22 You're right they do seem to be using different databases, but the folder structure seems to be the same. Could be something you have to ask @Linguica about. I have gotten better at searching for files over the past week. Here's a new idea... random unrated or unplayed. Another suggestion... open folder to get to the screenshots so I can click + drag them to upload to Doomworld easier. I can open the screenshot that defaults to the default Windows image viewer, but not the directory. Perhaps having a folder per .wad would organize things better when looking in the folder view, because at the moment its a jumble of screenshots... Then again I can argue that a jumble of screenshots is easier to flip through than folders. Its an issue because the screenshots have random names dsfjlsdfjkl.png or is that a source port issue? To be fair once I'm in the folder I can just arrange them by most recently taken. Right mouse clicking a screen shot image and clicking delete leads to the deletion of the file and all screenshots with no warning when I assumed it would delete the screenshot.
  5. Your Thoughts on Last Rites

    Never heard of it.
  6. Random Image Thread

    I never thought about it until now, but this forum needs a dislike feature.
  7. Giving away a Hellbound beta key

    So is the trailer a parody of Bombsell or is it just a FPS that brags about being a FPS then offers no actual FPS in its trailer or screenshots? I thought that was something Steam frowned upon.
  8. Gammos

    Gammos is a cluster phobic death match drenched in silver. No accent color... just silver. Silver floors, silver ceilings, silver walls, silver control panels. Well, there is an exception, a pair of laughably tall lifts take you down to an exterior full of crates that has no silver. The silver rooms need more accent colors, because wow... they are some silver rooms. This seems to be a transport facility of some sort with 5 or so transporters in the center that will take you to various parts of the facility. Most rooms have two doors so you can just about run in circles. That is if you didn't have to open doors and you'll get shot in the back before you open them. There are a few switches, one leads behind a secret waterfall which is cool. The others just call for the lifts. The level needs a bit of open areas, windows and a more open feel. Right now, this is an entirely realistic, flat, narrow playing field. There is no cover other than the outside having tall boxes, so when you see someone expect to get shot.
  9. Nohiders

    Blade Runner deathmatch. Do I have your attention? Good, because if you're thinking its a theme, no its just the word "blade runner" spelled out in toxic slime on the floor in the center of a flat, square death match. Looks like that's the author's handle. There's far too much ammo and it turns into a plasma fest of blue light everywhere. The walls in the square room allow for players to run in circles and never really get cornered, except for the exterior walls. There is truly no where to hide. There are new sounds, new graphics, although I don't think I noticed them. The new music is nice, but the sound effects are Beavis & Butthead clips "Sorry for the inconvenience, lemme get a mop." The interior walls are black, the exteriors silver, the floor and ceiling are silver. That is all. Go about playing your fun death matches.
  10. STATIONX.WAD Ver 2.0

    This 1994 generic level deserves 2 stars, despite its glaring flaws such as door tracks moving up with the doors, misaligned textures and confusing layout. Where it deserves a single star is after a full 20 minutes, the level is so confusing that I gave in and abandoned hope. For me as a player to be so confused, yet not lost and needlessly run around to several parts of the level over and over again isn't my problem, its the author's problem. It would have been different if I felt like I was having fun or making progress rather than backtracking over-and-over. Flip a switch and 50% of the time it does something out of the room. Where? Its up to you to find out. Find a yellow key? Open a yellow door to reveal a bland room with a fireplace. Nothing is here, solid walls, the fireplace has nothing in it, nor any way to enter it. Time to search the entire complex again for a random door or wall that may have opened. Wait what's that? Nothing actually opened? Time to scour that unassuming yellow door fireplace room. Oh look its a secret door that seems mandatory. Constant solid wall after solid wall reveals a door. Heck some walls lift to reveal key doors. The entire map is like that, walls open up with not only enemies and ammo behind them, but things you need to progress. Some boxes had to be opened to find a transporter or switch which is good, because its right there in the box, there's just no indication outside of looking at the map that the box has something inside. On the plus side, there are a variety of environments. Typical star tan rooms, toxic filled exteriors, skin walls and wooden hallways. It has balanced health to stay at 100% and ammo enough to need to change weapons. I can see the amount of work and yet still imperfection of the 1994 era in this level. The sad thing is this is the second version. There's a worse version out there! Its unpolished, it was a chore to get through and I failed to get through.
  11. Doomworld, we have threads for pets, random images and other such things. Now here is a serious chance to share adorable images! After face melting demons prepare to have your hearts melted by this thread! Fat cats are adorable! Have this basket of kittens! Corgi Cloning Facility clones too many Corgis! Man manages to fall into puppy pit with carniverous canines: https://media.giphy.com/media/n3EgI69y7hs6Q/giphy.gif Fortune smiles upon thee... in giraffe form: Whotter U looken at?
  12. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Well I played level 15. Its dark, cramped, both easy to see what your goal is and easy to get lost if you snag yourself on an edge. It is both too cramped and too spacious depending on where you are. Those are the opening minutes. The bulk of it plays out in a giant, bright cavern where you then waste minutes of your life whittling down some of the biggest enemies and numerous enemies with plenty of health and ammo around to ensure that you get through it. This is an endurance map. After plasma rifling down more cyber demons than I could count and BFGing as many spider masterminds who were useless to stop me... I noticed oh only 500 monsters killed out of 3,000... Then... looking at my time on the map with this try alone being 17 minutes I thought... nope time to abandon ship. So I did. I am not reading that chapter. I'll watch the DVD when it comes to video.
  13. Random Image Thread

    Turns out he's a former marine. They could have used that. Then again, the 2 marines I know never talk about that life. The ex soldiers / ex military personnel talk about that life.
  14. Random Image Thread

    I like Undertale because its the game that no reviewer can talk about other than "play the game." Makes me afraid to. So I have yet to play it. I have heard the tutorial is super boring to replay so naturally its a game with replay value. According to Steam 3 million people own it and a mere 1 million people own the first Five Nights at Freddy's. I thought they'd be even.
  15. Deadly Standards

    Put on your sunscreen and get ready for the startan, because Deadly Standards is a quality, community project replacement for episode 1. The problem is its a mixed bag between long and confusing levels that hinder the experience to enjoyable levels of the right length. The levels look good, they play good with balanced health and ammo for the most part, but some of them get confusing, especially the third mission in a mostly outdoor military base. Its a true puzzle where you can see the keys, get to the keys, its just a matter of getting through the doors to get to the keys. That's not the only stumbling block for the episode, a few have darkness, but its still manageable via the map or bumping around in the darkness. Other than that, there's a good use of heights, lifts, stairs, near enemies and far enemies in each level. The theme of startan and tech base overlaps a lot of levels as its an episode 1 replacement. It wouldn't be that big of a problem if each level didn't sprinkle them throughout. While each level is its own unique snow flake, there sure are a lot of brown and silver snow on the ground that took me 10 - 30 minutes to shovel each level. Multiple play throughs would of course reduce the time. Another issue is the length of each level versus the variety of enemies. Playing the first 5 levels of the episode for 80 minutes, I had seen enough shotgunners, imps, zombiemen and pinkies to last me the next year. There are specters and caco demons here and there, even a sparse baron, but they are rare. If the levels were shorter, it wouldn't be as noticeable. I begin to feel the excess of hit scan snipers by the first and second level, even if other authors don't use the hit scan snipers nearly as much. The secrets are worth mentioning as there are a lot and a lot of good ones too even if the items inside aren't a big deal. New music and what felt like remixes of the original songs were nice, even if they were getting a bit old by the completion of some levels. Overall, the maps would be better off alone or to feel fresh and could have dealt with making things less confusing or shorter to not be as redundant with their theme and lack of enemy variety. You as a player can take it one or two levels a day so they stay fresh.
  16. Forget the best levels, mods and .wads. I want the best review in idgames/ Go on... review the review and why I should read the review you feel is the best. Is it funny? Is it accurate? Is it so inaccurate that its legendary?
  17. Where does Episode 2 take place?

    Erebus is on Mars. I assume Deimos and Mars were pulled into Hell or a Hell like area. Event Horizon.
    To my surprise, I enjoyed the community Abyssal Speedmapping Session (ASS) 34. Its choice of themes, berserk, the color of red or candle bridges had me dreading brawls with pinkies, barons and arch-viles. I have never enjoyed the thought of berserk punching enemies to death, they are just health packs that force you to switch to weapons when you're done. Even when brawling with enemies and having low health, I felt it was a good challenge. Nothing laughably obscene, but I made it through a third of the 23 levels. Levels each had a fair amount of health, and bits of ammo to ensure I was either punching or switching weapons. There weren't too many deaths, but a lot of near deaths. The megawad had a good, dynamic change of pace to have a megawad geared toward hand-to-hand combat whether its berserk, a simple punch or a chainsaw. Some levels it was either punch or pistol and I chose punch. Other levels felt more traditional with weapons and even sections of launching rockets into hordes of enemies through doors. Some levels made for some interesting moments as rather than finish with an arch-vile to resurrect the dead, why not start with one to chase you into harm's way? Most of the levels made use of two out of three themes, some used only one and went the shock value route... in a level pack full of red, crimson and blood why not have green rock and green rivers as long as there's berserk. While the majority was Hell themed levels with red stone, crimson rock and lava textures, the themes still managed to stay fresh. Like brown rock with blood rivers to accent it. Some levels felt cavernous while others felt demonic or had man made architecture. Since this is a speed mapping session, the two hour time limit ensured each level never overstayed its welcome and nothing was too confusing. Every area of the maps I played seem to flow well from part A to get a switch in part B back to A to C to get a key back to part A to use the keys to part D. The only time I found myself lost in the 8 maps I played was in an early rock wall maze due to the red, grey and black theme. With all the red, it made this megawad stand out even if I can imagine the blood drenched tones getting old after a while. Another thing to make it stand out was the smooth jazz midis that were sprinkled here and there. I'm no fan of smooth jazz or Vegas music, but it was fun to play name that tune. Good job everyone!
  18. Analogie Fatidique

    Analogie Fatidique is a great hell map with hordes big monsters, big weapons and big health to get you through it. From the start you're thrown into a giant room with dozens of cacos and other big enemies lining the walls. There is plenty of big weapons to whittle them down. Once the dozens of enemies are whittled down, its time to switch find. The map makes it fairly easy to find switches even in big environments littered with corpses. Find a switch or a transporter that will get you to a switch that opens a door to the next grand environment and rocket brawl against mancubus and revenants. Kill everything flip a switch, flip another switch, go back to the original room to get to the next big environment. The environments make the fights more engaging. Round rooms full of revenants where their rockets curve around a doughnut at you. Dozens of enemies on ledges showering you with fiery projectiles and times with arch viles on pedestals orchestrating it all. Its a diverse array of problems, but you always have the rocket launchers and plasma rifles to solve them. Speaking of heights, the tall ledges become deep floors that lead to subterranean areas. This map has a good sense of height shifting. That first main room modifies itself to draw your attention rather than opening a simple floor, an entire series of walls opens up. Of course the wall floods in more enemies, otherwise that might be seen as backtracking. While the challenge is manageable, the only thing that blurred into the line of the unfair are the reskins. Mancubus are now red, which tends to blend in with the red background of hell. Other reskins include a gory arachnatron and revenants. Its good to have the reskins and the new music to keep the level fresh to set it apart from the others. Even calling it unfair is harsh, because everything seemed fair and balanced. The doughnut room fighting revenants in the dark? You're still in the light and there's plenty of rockets and megaspheres. From looking at the .txt file this is a single level that was made for a megawad, so it will be good to check that one out. Great, enjoyable map.
  19. Inverter Technologies

    Inver Tech Compound as its called in game rather than Inver Technologies is a simple, easy, tech level that was still fun to go through. The biggest criticism is that the enemies and challenge is a bit sparse. So sparse I played through the level again on a higher difficulty, but it didn't seem to ramp up the challenge. Its a healthy sized level with plenty of circles, switches on ledges open doors below, get a key, use a transporter that takes you to the door you need the key. While it has a bit of a confusing layout, it played smoother on my second play through. It looks like a Doom 1 tech base. You start outside and work your way in. It has plenty of out of the way areas with ammo and a good secret area. There is a lot of variety in this single tech base, good use of stairs and heights. As mentioned before, the greatest issue is lack of challenge. The hallways are big so you can dodge anything, but the enemies are relegated to the rooms. For the health, weapons and ammunition, there's just not enough enemies to go around. Even on 'hurt me plenty' I just mowed everyone down and managed to have 200% health and armor. I kept waiting for the enemies to teleport in or walls to open up each time I found an empty room with ammunition. Sure there are wall opening moments, but its like 90% safety. If you want tech bases or an easier, more relaxed action level, then this is for you.
  20. Most recent movie you saw

    Netflix has 4 or 5 new Nick Cage movies. Well new as in the past year and 15 years ago. National Treasure: Seen it before, see it again. Its like if Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade had a sequel played by Nick Cage and Jon Voight. Vengeance is a movie with Nick in a series of movies that have the blandest 1 word titles on a quest for mediocrity. I wasn't prepared for "vigilante takes on four freed criminals." This movie is amazing for its bullshit portrayal of the legal system as 4 gang rapists have a hearing, their defense attorney comes in late to make an entrance, proposes a far fetched theory that the woman was a hooker who wanted more money, then by the end those in the crowd were cheering and just about chanting. The judge was okay with all this. The movie was made to see how much they could traumatize a child actress as they force her to see her stage mother get gang raped... see her grandma's cat get hung until death and force her to bury it alone. Nick is in it maybe 25% and its not really about his character so much as he's the vigilante. 300 is the beloved sepia drenched film that I had seen once before and thought wow... now that is an overrated movie and I was bored the entire way through, because the cool art style didn't work on me and it was basically 2 hours of slow motion battles with a few set changes. This time it worked and I enjoyed it more. Perhaps because I had seen a wash of lesser movies. Beerfest is something Netflix recommended to me with 96% and I knew I'd hate it going in. I lasted about 15 minutes before I turned it off. To be fair it had laugh out moments and I like comedies, but this was just sheer idiocy. The Vault with James Franco is something I watched because James Franco was on the title card. Yep... he's in it. 5 bank robbers end up in a haunted house of a bank vault. Suicides happen, because ghosts can't kill people. The motives made little sense and things were only hinted to. The vague motives make sense if you've seen the Nick Cage movie Trespass. 3,000 Miles to Graceland is an Elvis - ish movie I've seen before and I'll see again in another 15 years. Big names play Elvis impersonators that rob a casino, but the movie isn't about that, its about the drama that happens afterward as two scropion - ish leading men try to sting one another to death while trying to make it to a cleaner that can get them across the border. I think that's what its about... Yeah. Its like a road trip in separate cars while Kurt Russel gets saddled with Courtney Cox and a kid. It borders on the stupid and randomness that makes it moronic fun. Jessica Jones is a TV series that I thought the first season was fantastic to the point I thought they shouldn't make a second season because nothing can top it. Yeah... I was right. The first 6 episodes were dull and vanilla. It was a struggle to make it through them. Then the last 7 they picked up when things went off the rails, but even then the good 7 episodes would have been better if they cut it by 3 hours. No where near as good as the original, but that's because the villain was less interesting and more personal to Jessica. The Cloverfield Paradox is the third loosely tied in movie to that Godzilla clone that followed a movie about John Goodman cock blocking a pair of horny teens in his bomb shelter. Well the Cloverfield Paradox is a movie... INNNNN SPAAAAACEEEEE! Yeah so its somewhere between the funniest science fiction ever and a creepy, unsettling experience. Its another movie that's great for Netflix that no one would want to see in theaters. Good thing it was on right after the Superbowl or it would have been lost in the shuffle. There are so many movies Netflix doesn't even bother hyping and just shovels them out. Movies with stars you've heard of. The Negotiator with Sam Jackson and Kevin Spacey is weird to see after the Kevin Spacey drama. Still a good movie... plus it makes all cops look dirty so there's that. The Hateful Eight is a movie I enjoyed and if you like excessive dialog for 2.5 hours and sparse sets like a cabin and a stagecoach, you'll love this. Hey it has Kurt Russel and Sam Jackson in it, that makes it watchable. There's violence against women, liberal use of the N word, uncomfortable conversations between a black yankee soldier and a confederate general. By the end there's enough gore to fill a 55 gallon drum with raspberry juice. Jeepers Creepers 3, because I enjoyed the first two movies, here's the third, made 15 years after the first 2 and straight to video. It has a winged scarecrow gargoyle, it was enjoyable, with the monster's magical trap truck that defies plausibility. Having the third movie wedged between the first and second, making the 3 movies take place over 3 or 4 days is a stretch. I also made the mistake of looking up why it was 15 years since the last movie... people found out the director sexually touched a minor back in 1988... and how the Jeepers Creepers movies are about a monster that touches minors. I thought what? That's crazy... its about a monster that kills people... then I realized it kills adults, its the minors he keeps alive and takes with him in his truck. Well... now that's creepy. That probably doesn't even cover all the movies, but that's what I can remember.