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  1. geo

    So, John Romero is teasing a thing

    While I wholeheartedly agree with you, in the modern era of big studios there have been interviews with mappers working for big companies that use Unreal engine who have said they never test a level 100% start to finish, just bits at a time. One mentioned his manager told him he's not paid to play test since making maps is so time consuming and map makers do a poor job of self critiquing. The play testers would have to test the maps 100% start to finish hundreds of times to the point they'd miss obvious things like bugs, because they'd take the optimal routes since they're so good. One mapper said his company forced him to throw "cookies" into maps to test how thorough play testers were so they'd look out for things even on their 100th play through.
  2. geo

    So, John Romero is teasing a thing

    John Romero is the Amerigo Vespucci of Doom.
  3. geo

    So, John Romero is teasing a thing

    Is it that Kickstarter project that they said no demo no Kickstarter? Maybe his son made another game.
  4. I have played it. I spent longer digging through the menus than anything else. I only played it because my TF2 friends have jumped over to play it. Since they dominated at TF2 they seem to dominate at Fortnite and I wanted to be a part of it. Until I actually played it. It's just not for me. The level of openness and danger around every corner is an issue. On the other end of the spectrum, The fact that the best strategy is literally hide fro 20 minutes is also an issue. Seems like the first 5 minutes are the most action packed, followed by something between boredom and dread better than any horror game can provide.
  5. They were never going to update it anyway. The premise was letting the community update and add to it. They released it as one level that was uninspiring. Despite all Fortnite's fame, Unreal Engine's money, and Unreal Engine being taught in universities, they can't spend extra money to finish projects.
  6. geo

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Wow that could have been MK10 or 9. What an uninspiring trailer. Misplaced music. A long fight scene. It was such nothing that it would be a teaser... if it wasn't 2+ minutes long.
  7. Bionic Commando: Rearmed Super CastleVania IV Contra 3: The Alien Wars F-Zero Double Dragon NES Super Metroid PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist Fitz the Fox Terminator 2: NES Alien 3: NES / Alien 3 SNES Batman NES Shatterhand Battle of Olympus Shadowgate NES I've heard Mega Man 2 far too much to be enjoyable anymore
  8. May as well be Doomguy since he didn't talk. Outside of that Duke. Perhaps Alan Grant from the FPS segments of Jurassic Park on the SNES?
  9. geo

    Post your pet pictures!

    I love your pets so much I ran out of likes to give!
  10. geo

    Most recent movie you saw

    Mom and Dad with Nicholas Cage: is a bonkers horror film claiming it's a comedy. I went in blind, so I had no preconceptions, but watching the trailer, it hypes the comedy. It's 90% horror for the first half and maybe 25% intentional comedy for the second half. Probably to ease the horror intensity. There's no ending either. In fact, reading the wiki during the movie, I felt like oh it spoiled the ending by explaining a detail of the plot that would explain the ending... nope... there is no ending and nothing that would indicate any kind of closure or even a winner. With that said, I loved it. Fantastic premise done really well beyond the small scope of what I thought it would be reading the description "a teen struggles to survive against her mom and dad that want to kill her." They had quite a few cameos for a movie that made a mere $150,000 at the box office... I'm amazed it went to any theaters given the true premise would be a tough sell. This is probably one of the lowest like to dislike ratios I've seen when looking up a movie on Google. SUICIDE SQUAD: HELL TO PAY: is a fun, R rated animated movie. It's fun because the cast of characters that seem to be randomly generated. Female Wolverine, 50,000 year old cave man, Professor Pig, Dead Shot, freeze power girl (Mortal Kombat's Frost), Copperhead is now Mortal Kombat's Reptile and so many more. Great movie, full of surprises and such a great, simple plot that adds a lot of onion layers. I know nothing about this random bag of characters and they handled it appropriately to explain it to me the non fan. DC animated movies are also fun to play "guess that 90s actor voice."
  11. Doomworld, we have threads for pets, random images and other such things. Now here is a serious chance to share adorable images! After face melting demons prepare to have your hearts melted by this thread! Fat cats are adorable! Have this basket of kittens! Corgi Cloning Facility clones too many Corgis! Man manages to fall into puppy pit with carniverous canines: https://media.giphy.com/media/n3EgI69y7hs6Q/giphy.gif Fortune smiles upon thee... in giraffe form: Whotter U looken at?
  12. geo

    Any good Contra forums?

    Like a lot of games that never made a smooth transition into 3D, it is dead... so are the forums. Plus it's a shooter without a stage select or more mechanics beyond jump, shoot and bomb. There may never be a Contra forum. You might want to seek a Contra forum on a Metal Slug forum or old school NES forums.
  13. geo

    Random Image Thread

    The best reason for both genders to stay in school and make lots of money. ... then Gabe probably heard about lawsuits from touching fans for photos. So he went with "hover hand."
  14. geo

    Artifact is shit, apparently

    From the pre-reviews months ago of people who were flown to Valve to try the game, they too said it was bad or meh. Perhaps Valve should have just paid the top Hearthstone streamers to stream the game for six months before its release. With a name like Artifact I keep thinking "what's that?"
  15. geo

    My Wolfdoom wad

    Please upload it to idgames/ so we can review it.
  16. geo

    Random Image Thread

    I take back what I said, it's not cutting one horn off and it centers back, it's actually banding the horns from a young age and so when they grow older the horns grow together as one. It's common with goats and this is a 100% man made thing. Any animal with a single horn is a unicorn. It doesn't have to be a horse.
  17. geo

    Random Image Thread

    Usually if an animal loses a horn when it's young the other horn will center out. It's quite common with goats. * edit * I take back what I said, it's not cutting one horn off and it centers back, it's actually banding the horns from a young age and so when they grow older the horns grow together as one. It's common with goats and this is a 100% man made thing.
  18. geo

    Most recent movie you saw

    Well I'm back... with another heap of movies over the past few months. HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES: Still a highly entertaining horror movie. I saw it with someone else who loves it and two others who have never seen it before. One of them had really stinky feet. INSTANT FAMILY: I saw this in theaters with two others. It's a funny movie with Mark Wahlburg, but it could have been funnier. It has feels and comedy. Hopefully this will be incentive for people to foster more children like Finding Nemo became a boom for the clownfish industry. It's a movie that is good, but I have a feeling no one will want to go out of their way for just Mark Wahlburg. DADDY'S HOME 2: I never wanted to see the original, but it was highly entertaining. This is still as entertaining, but now with John Lithgow and Mel Gibson of all people. It's an amusing Christmas movie. It really feels like you need to have seen and remembered the first one to know what's going on with this one. It's one of the rare movies where the sequel remembers the first. Some of the most awkward kissing scenes in any movie ever. WONDER WOMAN: Is a blend of Thor (the movie) and the first Captain America movie. It was great and it felt like she took a back seat in her own movie to Chris Pine who was essentially the hero. The best part about the movie is the logic of having a flashback within a flashback. The entire movie is a flashback. The movie is quite the visual feast beyond the fact there are amazons. The movie makes great use of all her powers and tools. JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE LIVE ACTION MOVIE: Too many characters. A mish mash of so many worlds and quite a forgettable villain, even if they did a good job of showing the villain winning battles against these individual super heroes. The team managed to resurrect Superman in a sub plot. This movie really felt thrown together like it should have had more details and a longer run time to explain a lot of the logic behind Batman knowing the world is ending. If you really want to see Superman kick ass, this is the movie. It truly shows off the fact that anything or any team would just be decimated by the Man of Steel. There's just no need for other heroes. LEGO BATMAN: If you ever wanted to see every Warner Bros film property mixed into a single movie made out of Lego bricks... this is it. Wow for all the big budget visual feast superhero movies, I think this one takes the cake. It was laugh out loud for a lot of it and despite Justice League having too many characters and worlds, Lego Batman had like 90 characters, but 5 main characters and it didn't get messy like Justice League. JIGSAW: This was a great movie to keep the franchise going. It has everything you'd expect from the franchise, horrific gore, traps, interesting moments, cops trying to solve the mystery and twists. THE RING THREE OR WHATEVER IT'S CALLED: Wow... this is another horror movie to resurrect a retired franchise and wow did it fail. It started off good enough, then fell off a cliff and got confusing. It's a horror mystery that failed to deliver on the mystery with something compelling. THE MUMMY WITH TOM CRUISE: At some point I realized Tom Cruise is in really good movies... not this one. It feels more like Brendan Frasier or Ashton Kutcher should be in it. There was a lot of drama that was laugh out loud funny. Capturing the mummy for science will be classic unintentional comedy. It's a horror adventure rather than an adventure with horror and that doesn't work. It felt like a waste of Russel Crowe and Tom Cruise. TOMB RAIDER 3: May as well call it Tomb Raider 3. It is by far the best Tomb Raider movie, it just lacks star power. I went into it thinking it would be terrible due to the lack of star power and budget. For what I felt was a low budget movie it had the same $100 million that the first two Tomb Raiders had and made as much money as the first. The first two Tomb Raiders felt instantly forgettable, while this was Indiana Jones without the gimmicks, Nazis and as much fun. It still has a dash of comedy, fun, big stunts, tombs that don't make Lara look like the bad guy for looting them. It's a story about finding her father. While Lara was played by someone with less star power, she's built like a stunt woman for when she's hanging from cliffs.
  19. geo

    Prodeus [retro FPS]

    Any relation to:
  20. geo

    Prodeus [retro FPS]

    2016 is retro now. I shall dub it... Doom 3.16 In a sea of others that claim to be retro... I'd actually play this, even if I don't feel it's retro at all.
  21. geo

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    Perhaps there wasn't a big enough response to warrant pushing forward. Maybe it's a mere start and 6 or 12 months later we'll see something more.
  22. I never played the original Fallouts. What I played of Fallout 3, I didn't like. It felt too much like Morrowind in terms of ugliness and bleakness. It could also be from the fact I've played too many TES games for the past 20 years that at the time, Fallout 3 didn't feel fresh. Much like I couldn't get into Skyrim, because it was stale, until I didn't play a TES after 5 years, then suddenly it was awesome. I own Fallout New Vegas twice, never played it once. Somehow I ended up with the Russian version of Fallout New Vegas. I thought it was strange when none of my friends owned it. Maybe that's why Steam no longer allows people holding gifts in their inventory. As for Fallout 4, I enjoyed it far, far more the other Bethesda Fallouts. The diversions help, even if there's no real point to them. In TES games I get so rich that there's nothing to spend my money on, so I'm happy I can put effort into the towns. Oh I should mention I don't own Fallout 4. Steam had 2 free weekends and I get my fill from those. Heck, I completed Saints Row IV in 2 free weekends. With Fallout 76... I see it and say nope. MMO / multiplayer focused? Nope. Chances are they deliberately avoided calling it Fallout Online. TES Online never appealed to me, even if I have a lot of friends who play it now that it's a few years into its life cycle. They will add to Fallout 76 and tweak things, in time it will be more enjoyable, I just don't want to spend $60 for that or any game. Plus, I've never been into any online focused game beyond TF2.
  23. geo

    What is your favorite soda?

    Water. This has been asked before.
  24. geo

    How do you deal with a bad day?

    Go for a walk. Exercise, burn off that anger or frustration. Sleep helps too. Seriously. Sure you can't go to sleep if you're upset, but it will help.