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  1. Shit was so cash.

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    2. TimeOfDeath666


      I saw a couple minutes of the Spiderman movie on tv on the weekend and Spidey's girlfriend (Kirsten Dunst) was whining about something and Spidey was like "dont worry it'll be fine, just keep your head up, etc." and she's all like "dont say that, try to understand what its like for me", and I was thinking like "stfu bitch, he's fucking SPIDERMAN, leave him alone". That's what I think of you, Creaphis. You're Spiderman to me.

      By the way, Kirsten Dunst did a nude photoshoot recently. Check it.

    3. bytor


      tsk tsk

      oh what guys will do for sex

    4. Creaphis


      This thread is entirely consistent with my earlier post. What I take issue with is when guys automatically expect their girls to become Halo fanatics. In this case, she's actually the one who wanted to show me her Yugiohs.

      DuckReconMajor said:

      "look guys what me and my girlfriend did she's so cool aren't you jealous?"

      I guess I'm guilty of wanting to show her off, but if you replace "cool" in the above sentence with "bizarrely nerdy" it will more accurately reflect my sentiments.

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