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  1. I found a link to this in another thread, which reminded me that when I was, like, eleven I was big into choose-your-own-adventure books. However, instead of reading from the beginning, hitting a couple endings and calling it quits, I developed a system involving numbered bookmarks which allowed me to algorithmically read every branch of the story exactly one time, in order.

    Question: Is this hilarious?


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    2. Danarchy


      It's German for "mouse" though.

    3. John Smith

      John Smith

      Creaphis said:

      I remember being told in junior high that MAUS didn't count as books.

      I would question both you or dan as to whether the word they used was "literature" or "books." Quite obviously they are printed materials bound so as to become a book, so if "book" is the actual word they used then these people are retarded. If they used literature though, thats a different animal entirely, depending on how you choose to interpret the meaning of the word. It certainly could be literature in the loosest form of the word, but it isn't literature in the more common use.

    4. Creaphis


      John Smith said:

      it isn't literature in the more common use.

      h8 u