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  1. Considering that I just spontaneously developed a new blind spot, about 10 degrees left of straight ahead, as if a segment of my brain responsible for higher processing of visual signals simply ceased working entirely.

    It seems to have rectified itself now, but I must make a note to take better care of my noggin.

    That really freaked me out for a couple minutes - it showed up while reading, and the second-last word I read always had two letters missing from it - in their place, there was white paper.

    So yeah. Wanted to tell somebody. And I'm glad I dodged a bullet, I guess.

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    2. Creaphis


      Hm. I have a bottle of Dave's Ultimate Insanity in my fridge, and no complaints.

      I used to actively put my tongue through painful strengthening regiments, but now I'm content to just add a moderate amount of heat to my food, so that sauce doesn't get used as much as it used to. You're clearly a larger heat-enthusiast than I am.

    3. AndrewB


      It could have been a migraine headache. What you're describing happened to me once a long time ago. Migraines aren't necessarily associated with severe pain.

    4. MaTT [TiK]

      MaTT [TiK]

      Yeah, sounds like it's just a migraine, probably from lack of sleep (guessing by the thread title).