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  1. With all these DOS game threads that are already in this forum I'm going to start my own.

    This recent discussion has inspired me to take a look at some classics I never saw the first time around. I was trying to run Blood yesterday, but what I discovered is that Blood, and presumably many other DOS games of the same era, exist in a sort of gamer's no man's land. Older DOS games can be run on DOSBox with no issues. Newer games are Windows-compatible. But, Blood in DOSBox slows my computer to a crawl. Now, I can actually run Blood on this XP machine with no layer of emulation, with sound, but the sound is very distorted, of course, and it suffers from periodic slowdowns - every 10 seconds it gets jerky for about 2. I remembered reading something about VDMSound and tried it out, and the sound quality problem is fixed, of course, but the slowdowns remain. If I turn sound and music off I can run Blood in XP with no slowdowns, but that's just not good enough. I need to hear Caleb's catch phrases. My sound device is an integrated Realtek ALC 880. The software I have for it seems to be just some flashy demonstration program with no useful settings. I've heard tell of "legacy drivers" but I have not yet found any signs that one exists for the ALC 880.

    Alright Doomworld, strut your stuff.

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    2. Creaphis


      Krispavera said:

      Did you raise the memsize in the configuration from 16 to 32 (or higher)? That's all I had to do to get Blood working smoothly.


      That, and undoing the apparently counter-productive changes I made to the CPU settings, fixed it!

      Time to enjoy some cheesy low-res gibbing.

    3. Pavera


      Glad I could help. :>

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      I find setting cpu and cycles to auto is best for most games, certainly for shooters like Doom and Heretic.

      The DOSBox doco states 16 is the biggest memsize one should use, but that's not always the case.

      I have all the odd soundcards and joysticks and serial ports and other shit I'm not using turned off too.

      If you're using OpenGL for video output, fullscreen will run a hell of a lot more better than windowed.