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  1. I just wandered back to take a look at the 2020 Cacowards and I played this first. Awesome work Antares! I played on UV and really enjoyed the fight choreography and gorgeous abstract visuals. The weapon and enemy changes are satisfying. The "Do you like revenants?" meta moments made me laugh and the bonus ending map is incredible. I did have to give up on MAP31 when my poor laptop slowed to 1 FPS (and I don't think I would have been able to hack it anyway). My only critique of that map is I would have liked it if the restocking points for the final fight were easier to navigate to. The central pillars in the middle of each group of four lowering platforms with megaspheres and cell packs could be more visually distinct somehow, so the player can still home in on them when they're blinded by the horde of enemies in their face. Usually my spatial awareness is pretty good in this game but that fight totally overwhelmed me - though I guess that's kinda the point.
  2. Creaphis

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    This is the first megawad I've actually played all the way through in years and years. Thank you all for your amazing work! Xaser's MAP26 is an astonishing piece of visual art that I want to show my friends whether they're gamers or not.
  3. Yup, I also found out about this thanks to the Cacowards, and this is the first set I downloaded to play. Good stuff! I really enjoy learning to use new weapons and strategize against new monsters, and yet I never download weapon mods because I always feel like I should play levels in the way the creator intended. It's nice to have a level set that's actually built around a gameplay modification from the ground up. Also, I was really impressed by your arena design - I think that the way you use damaging floors is inspired. It's interesting to have "maneuvering space" as a limited resource during combat - you can dash into the nukage to maneuver around enemies or dodge projectiles, but only for a limited time before you melt. Does MAP06 imply that your next project is going to be built around slidey ice physics?
  4. Damn, what happened to blogs?

    I was going to write some heartfelt screed about where I've gone in life since I posted here last but this really doesn't feel like the place

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    2. Catpho


      I vaguely remember that being someone's custom title. Was it Creaphis's :o

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      Wtf, it's not his title anymore?????????????? 

    4. Creaphis


      Yeah, I was surprised to see I've been stripped of my title. I definitely still deserve it.

  5. Creaphis

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I lost my virginity in a threesome.
  6. This is only tangentially Doom-related, but DoomRL is the game that showed me roguelikes could be addictive and accessible instead of obscure, idiosyncratic grind-fests. So, I figure I might as well give the spiritual sequel a holler. Besides, Jupiter Hell is, for all intents and purposes, Doom. They haven't tried very hard to hide their influences. The Kickstarter is a few days old and it's doing pretty well, assuming they didn't just convince all their friends and family to buy into the higher reward tiers. Wrack 2 didn't pan out but I'm giving the dice another roll. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2020043306/jupiter-hell-a-modern-turn-based-sci-fi-roguelike
  7. Creaphis

    Jupiter Hell Kickstarter (AKA "DoomRL 2")

    Sigh. If fan sites are allowed to be a thing, why can't you have free "fan games?"
  8. Creaphis

    Jupiter Hell Kickstarter (AKA "DoomRL 2")

    Yeah, it does add a lot to a roguelike's atmosphere when room shapes are more organic and variable. The best dungeon generation I've seen is in Brogue, which might be worth drawing inspiration from if Jupiter Hell is going to feature any cave/hell areas. DoomRL's procedurally generated levels are pretty clunky and rectangular but the game is fun enough that I was always willing to forgive it.
  9. Creaphis

    Jupiter Hell Kickstarter (AKA "DoomRL 2")

    The gameplay will be tile-based so I guess it's unavoidable that the visuals will be too. It's easier to forgive repetitive grids in an ASCII roguelike, though - with more detailed props it'll be more obvious when you're seeing the same ones over and over. With enough development time you could get clever. Throw in lots of decorative height changes, alternate decor schemes, and maybe different ways of bounding playable areas to create unique atmospheres. Rooms could be outlined by deep chasms, windows to vacuum, industrial magma, etc.
  10. Creaphis

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    Proper sound design.
  11. Creaphis

    Summer Games Done Quick 2016

    I think those are both new to the lineup. Also, our very own Dime is running Plutonia the same night. I'm not sure I'll be able to donate this year (I went back to school and I'm hemorrhaging cash) so I'm going to contribute to the cause in my own way. In all the archived GDQ Doom runs, the runners and their couch groupies just can't seem to explain a trick in less than thirty seconds of stumbling verbiage. Here's a handy list of quick, naturalistic explanations that any speedrun fan can understand. Dime, pin this to the back of your chair. Wallrunning: "Doomguy moves so fast that the engine has to check for collisions twice every frame or else he'd run right through walls. But, when you're running against some walls, there's a glitch in the extra collision check that basically gives you two frames' worth of movement in a single frame." Glides: "The gap is the same width as the Doomguy, so you'd think it'd be easy to get through. The reason it's hard is that the Doom engine tracks Doomguy's exact position to about seven decimal places, and you can't squeeze through until the decimals are exactly zero." Death slide: "Doomguy loses most of his height when he dies so his corpse just slides underneath the bars. Corpses still activate all movement triggers, including exit triggers." I might review past runs to see if there are other sticking points in the commentary. Any requests?
  12. Creaphis

    Wrack: Starfall

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2134746636/wrack-starfall-fps-video-game I played a ton of Skulltag back in the day and I'm still feeling some lingering loyalty to Carn. I remember writing some pretty intense criticism of Wrack on this forum but that's water under the bridge. I'll probably back this at the $15 level and at least get my money back if things don't work out. It looks neat.
  13. Creaphis

    Wrack: Starfall

    As of today, the project failed to be funded. I publicly offer my condolences.
  14. Creaphis

    Procedurely-Generated Games

    If you like FTL, try "Convoy." It's not quite as refined as FTL, mechanically and graphically, but it has an interesting combat system and the writing is great. It's set in a sci-fi Mad Max-esque wasteland.
  15. Creaphis

    Development hell

    Half Life 3 will be Valve's answer to Hearthstone.
  16. Creaphis

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    Now we're talking about two different kinds of value: artistic/sentimental versus monetary/practical, but I like this analogy as it illustrates something important. Metallica was significant regardless of how many other people ever picked up a guitar, and that significance is increased by the larger cultural movement they were a part of. However, if it somehow transpired that Metallica was the only band in the world with guitars and drums during their most active years, would they have made even more money? Probably, yeah; they'd have a higher practical value as more of the world would come to them for entertainment, and their assets would command more monetary value. I agree with CSonicGo that valuations based on speculation are meaningless, as historically these valuations have trended down to zero when actual usage doesn't rise up to justify them. The bulk of BitCoin's valuation has nothing underpinning it besides speculative forces. People invest in BitCoin for its sentimental value. They have a picture in their heads of what they want cryptocurrency to be, and as the first major player in that space, BitCoin is a rock star. However, its monetary and sentimental value are both threatened by copycats. The best case scenario for cryptocurrencies is that the average consumer has room in their life for one of them. These currencies directly compete with each other for a limited number of potential adopters. On the sentimental/speculative side, BitCoin will slowly lose its cachet as investors realize there's nothing inherently unique or irreplaceable about BitCoin amidst the sea of competitors. Thanks for posting this. Their Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator has a ton more content. I'm still poking around it and I seem to have wandered into a fully realized Monkey Island parody.
  17. Creaphis

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    Lack of scalability is a symptom. The problem is that BitCoin is under the control of a handful of developers and Chinese miners. BitCoin was supposed to be a peer-to-peer payment system where no government could call the shots. Unsurprisingly, the free market did what the free market always does: it concentrated all the power into a few hands and left the rest empty. I figure if you're going to be a slave to something no matter what it might as well be a state. "#1 cryptocurrency" is an inauspicious title when none of them have gained traction as a value store or trade token. Plus, flooding the market with new, improved cryptocurrencies just highlights their individual insignificance. Everybody and their doge can make their own cryptocurrencies. At least fiat currencies have artificial scarcity.
  18. Lots of people already make their living doing arbitrary, pointless shit. Writing, making music, playing sports and so on all fall into that category. But, if people want to watch you do your thing and they buy your merch then there's a legitimate living to be made. The problem is that online media platforms put too much power in too few hands. A songwriter that gets screwed by their label can find a new one. Athletes can get signed to a new team. Youtubers and streamers are fucked.
  19. Creaphis

    Two questions about "The Matrix"

    There's an excellent segment in Animatrix that takes that idea to the extreme. Some latchkey kids stumble across an abandoned building that's rife with glitchy physics. If anybody likes quirky animated sci-fi I'll save you some time. Download The Animatrix, watch "The Second Renaissance" part I and II (a history of the Matrix world), World Record (a stylish celebration of human willpower), Beyond (the glitchfest), A Detective Story (sci-fi/noir, directed by the Cowboy Bebop guy), and Matriculated (a story by the Aeon Flux dude in which robots are converted to join the human cause by making them explore a psychedelic dreamscape). The rest of the segments are dumb action but they're still alright.
  20. Creaphis

    Hulk Hogan leg-drops Gawker Media, wins by TKO

    I was expecting him to win this, but it's completely insane that he's already been awarded more than his asking price of $100 million and that punitive damages are still on the table. $115 million isn't punitive enough? Any publicity is good publicity for an over-the-hill wrestler, so you can't establish $55 million in economic damage, and nobody's emotional distress is worth $60 mil. I have a feeling that no jury would give two shits about my emotional distress if I was the plaintiff.
  21. It's thermodynamically impossible for 3D printing to ever become more energy- and resource-efficient than mass production due to the complexity of the process, having to manage a supply chain for small amounts of a huge range of materials, etc. 3D printers themselves would still have to be manufactured somewhere, and the requisite complexity of a device that could print me a smartphone would make it more expensive than the grand total of all non-perishable goods I will ever buy in my entire life. For 3D printing to mean "nearly free" goods for the "average person," each printer would have to serve several city blocks and last for generations, and you need to completely remove corporate profit from the equation. Someone still needs to design the blueprints for printed goods. Pirating designs from major manufacturers is only possible if enough people keep purchasing their goods the normal way to keep them in business, which means nothing has changed for the "average person." Just using old, freely available blueprints for everything means that consumer technology stagnates. Hoping that layman engineers design goods as a hobby project is going to leave you waiting a very long time for reliable tech. Choose your dystopia. 3D printing isn't going to rattle copyright law to its core. Legislators are already comfortable with paradox. You can't copyright a number. You can copyright a program. Reconcile that.
  22. Here's a helpful commentary on the game by kingscrusher. I don't watch chess videos or play the game, but for some reason Youtube recommended that I watch this video about a week ago. That seems rather prescient now.
  23. Creaphis

    How to solve the VR problem?

    I'm sure the scientists of the future will appreciate how you've all paved the way with your ungrounded, medically invasive fantasies. Here's an interesting presentation by "Owlchemy Labs" on designing VR that's accessible to non-gamers. Future breakthroughs will probably stem from these ideas and continue in the same direction. I was cheering for Oculus because of the Carmack connection, but now I'm hearing better things about the HTC Vive. It uses a more CPU-efficient system to track your head and controller positions (laser scan lines instead of cameras), reducing latency to a believable level. I'm not planning to buy any of these systems though, mostly because I hate fun and love money.
  24. Creaphis

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Isis subplot

    ISIS Operatives Infiltrate Tomb in German Village, Plunder Occult Artifact
  25. Creaphis

    Ghostbusters New Movie Trailer

    To anyone present who's concerned about sexism: go support a women's shelter and don't vote Republican. This is a fucking Ghostbusters trailer. That last point is my concern. I don't know anything about any of the actresses but I like the idea of an all-female cast that isn't trying to look like Charlie's Angels. I think there's a lot you could do with that. But, the studio released a trailer for an Adam Sandler movie by mistake. I'm reminding myself that the cast probably isn't at fault, and that the script just didn't given them the opportunity to display a modicum of talent. If these actresses are, in fact, talentless hacks, that also shouldn't reflect poorly on all female comedians. I might have to watch some Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to cleanse my palate after this.