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  1. sundar

    Doom Curse...?

  2. sundar

    What enemy kills you the most?

    Hell Knights are basically Barons with half the HP. Read about the Barons on wikipeida/Doom wiki to find out why the Knights were actually created. First of all, if you really want to get accurate results play a map with "no monsters" turned on and then spawn monsters and let them fight each other. You can't trust the infights during combat. Each monster has its own behaviour and there are 8 different situations you'll have to try before concluding: NORMAL- Close range(Melee) Mid range(close but not close enough for melee/few mts away) Long range1(one or both monsters hav limited space,cant move) Long range2(both can move around freely) FAST MONSTERS - SAME 4 cases as above I've tried all these things before and based on this, I think this is how monsters rank as far as infighting goes: 1. Cyber 2. Baron 3. Arachnotron 4. Archvile/Manci/Revenant/Knight The Spider Mastermind unfortunately cannot be considered because his accuracy and power decreases with distance but if he is to be ranked, he'll be second. Monsters do not retaliate Archvile attacks so for archie infights, you MUST summon monsters. Tht is, if Archie is friendly and the monster is not, it will retaliate, and vice versa.
  3. sundar

    What enemy kills you the most?

    I use GZDoom too. I tried summoning a Knight and a Revvie yesterday at close range and the Knight won. And he also put up a fight against the second Revvie, but the second Revenant killed him. Then I restarted the map and tried summoning a Baron and Revvie. The Baron killed 3 revenants and survived a few hits from the fourth Revenant before dying. I think Barons, Knights and Archviles have the lowest pain chances among non-bosses. Revenants, Cacos, Elementals, Mancis, Arachnotrons, Demons, Spectres and Lost Souls are all defenceless against rapid fire. This is why all of them can be killed by chaingunners sometimes, even though they have way more hit points. Whereas Barons, Knights and Archies can and do retaliate.
  4. sundar

    What enemy kills you the most?

    Strange really. I agree that a Revenant can really be a real pain in the ass for most enemies but nine out of ten times a Revenant faces a Hell Knight/Mancubus, he loses. The Mancubus as I mentioned doesn't have a melee attack so it's understandable why he "moans" instead of retaliating but the Hell Knight almost always wins at close range. Let alone Barons. But you may be right, who knows. Everything is a probability. BTW which source port do you use? That also affects monster behaviour upto certain limit.
  5. sundar

    Genders of doom monsters?

    I speak Tamil(an Indian language) and in my language and a few other South Indian languages "Amma" means mom, and interestingly "Amma" is what the Mancubus says when attacking. When I was a kid, I had the trial version of Doom. I used to play E1 everytime using iddqd and idspispopd, especially E1M4 and I liked watching monsters fight each other. At that time, I used to think of the Pinkies and Imps as the dads and moms of the zombies because they always used to beat the crap outta them with such an ease and the death cries of zombies sounded like babies. It seemed to me like they were just keeping their children under control.
  6. sundar

    What enemy kills you the most?

    Revenants rarely survive a one on one fight against a Hell Knight at close range. If a Revenant does win, it means the Knight is either injured or stuck or is targetting the player or another monster. However from a distance it is 50/50. The Revenant moves faster, has better accuracy and his fireballs do more damage whereas the Knight is slower and his plasma does lesser damage and isn't as accurate. It all depends on how frequently the Revenant uses his homing missiles. In fact I've even seen a Revenant wasting a Baron in such a situation. Although that is quite rare. If Fast Monsters is turned on, the Knight has a higher chance of winning though. The Revenant actually stands a higher chance of winning against a Mancubus than against a Knight. Apart from the conditions that I mentioned above of which at least one is required for a Revenant to beat a Hell Knight at close range, there is one more possibility. The Mancubus doesn't have a melee attack so he will take short intervals between attacks, unless fast monsters is enabled. From a distance, it depends. If they're aren't very far away, the Mancubus will win. But if they're quite far, the Revenant wins most of the time. This is because each time a Mancubus shoots, he shoots a total of 8 fireballs in three waves in the order 3-3-2. But since they follow a diverging path, only one of them is likely to hit the Revenant. The Revenant on the other hand has better accuracy and the Mancubus moves really slow. So the Revenant wins if they're fighting from a long distance, even if Fast Monsters is enabled. It takes around 10 barons or maybe even more to waste a Cybie so 15 revenants definitely can't waste a Cybie. Coming back to the topic, I have no problems with the more advanced enemies but I hate the so called Hitscanners because you just can't see them coming. It is possible to strafe all other types of Projectiles(yes, even Revenant projectiles) but these guys are just annoying, especially shotgunners and chaingunners. The most frustrating moments in Doom2 maps were when I had the SSG equipped and I missed a chaingunner and he mowed me down by the time the SSG reloaded.
  7. sundar

    Modifing Archvile decorate

    Never knew there were death sprites available. And yes, I know the PE does have resurrection frames. Thanks for the info.
  8. sundar

    Modifing Archvile decorate

    Someone should modify the Pain Elemental so that it leaves a corpse and can actually be ressurected.
  9. sundar

    final doom vs icarus

    True. Also in the original version of Pharoah, the yellow key is missing. So you can't beat the map without cheats.
  10. sundar

    plutonia storyline - wtf?

    Actually, some of the maps from Plutonia are based on some of DoomII's maps.
  11. sundar

    Who is your favorite mapper?

    AgentSpork - I love Cyberarena. Roger Ritenour - For Earth and the Pleiades series. Doom Dude - Can't wait for Vilecore 2.
  12. sundar

    final doom vs icarus

    All 3 WADs are great in their own right. Evilution features some of the most interesting levels I'll remember. Steel Works, Pharoah and Metal are a few that I remember instantly. Secondly, Evilution has the best music. Moreover, the music really sets the mood for the levels. Plutonia focusses more on gameplay and its difficulty setting is just perfect. Though I call myself a "seasoned veteran", this wad still gives me the creeps.. Obviously what's great about Plutonia is its difficulty, and that's what gives it its inspirational value. But in terms of gameplay, it isn't as frustrating as something like Hell Revealed. Dario and Milo must be two of the most skilled Doom Mappers ever(apart from id). And the maps just reflect that. If you look at maps from other "ultrahard" megawads, all you'll find is waves and waves of monsters thrown right away at the player just to make the maps tough. Plutonia is unique in that the authors were well aware of the strenghts and weaknesses of each monster and placed them accordingly in situations to create their maps instead of using the monster count to make their maps challenging. For example, it's easier to kill a Baron Of Hell in a large open area than to kill a Revenant despite the fact that the Baron is a much stronger monster. Of course, I am NOT saying Plutonia doesn't have army sized monster packs in its maps but it's been done well and is all balanced perfectly. The monster count isn't what makes Plutonia tough. Play map11 and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Icarus has a great theme and I like the way it retains it throughout. All maps offer great gameplay, replay value and though it's different than any other user-made megawad with totally new textures and music, the maps are fun. Of course, Map30 was a little too easy. But hey, does that really matter? All three are great but Evilution and Icarus are just two other fan-based classic megawads for DoomII. If you look at them individually, instead of comparing them with other megawads, they're both solid and have their own style. They're not meant to be compared with other megawads. But Plutonia on the other hand was meant to be tough and has lot of inspirational value. Unlike the other two, Plutonia gives you no sense of progression as you go through its levels. I really think it was just supposed to be 32 difficult DoomII maps but they gave it a story because it was an official release.
  13. sundar

    Barrels O' Fun!

    Yes, the most annoying part is when those Pain Elementals show up. Things get really intense in about no time not just because of the Lost Souls but because for a seasoned veteran like me, it's not so hard to run out of ammo. Especially while playing it on a Limit Removing Port with the Lost Soul compatibility option turned off. Not to mention those barrels, and some of those black barrels which can't be blown up. They act as obstacles on that balcony along with those Elementals, Souls and other Barrels which sometimes corner me to death. Of course, it's all about blowing up those barrels at the right time to eliminate them quickly. No other part of that map really poses as much of a challenge to me though. This topic does bring back memories. I think I'll go play that map in about a few mins.
  14. Music is actually one of the factors that have kept me attracted to this game, from time to time. Sometimes I just load up maps with good music on jDoom and enjoy them while just killing time or while taking a short nap in front of the comp if I'm bored and can't think of anything else to do. I love all the music but my particularly favourite ones are: Ultimate Doom: E1M2, E2M2, E2M3, E3M3, E3M7 DoomII: Map07, Map27 Plutonia: Map11, Map30 Evilution: Map13, Map14, Map16, Map17, Map25, Map28, Map30, Map31 Map32 DoomII's Map07 and TNT's Map30 are the two I like the most. Some tracks that I like from some popular PWADs are: Dwango5: Map01, Map02, Map03, Map04, Map11, Map14, Map18, Map20 Dwango6: Map06 HR2Final: Map15 Icarus: Map30 Really a close call but Dwango5's Map14 and Map20 are the two I seem to play the most.
  15. sundar

    Doom monster as a pet

    Great point, and the last sentence made me laugh so much that tears started dripping from my eyes. I guess you're refering to imps in particular. I've always thought that only Imps, Demons, Cacos, Lost Souls, Pain Elementals, Hell Knights, Barons and Archviles were 100% hellspawn, in the sense that they're completely biological and do not use any external weapon or mechanical enhancements. The Spectre uses the Partial Invisibility power-up, so it can't be considered. The Cyberdemon is just the cyborg version of the Baron Of Hell(maybe he takes too many steroids) fitted with a Rocket Launcher. In terms of structure, they're so much similar. Mancubi and Revenants make use of certain types of mechanical weaponry. Arachnotrons are just like those sentrybots in Doom3, almost completely mechanical and are fitted with a Plasma Gun. The Mastermind is just a huge brain fitted with mechanical legs and a Super Chaingun.